Win a Free Social Media Strategy Session with Shama

I can’t BEGIN to tell you how excited I am. As many of you know, I’ve worked really hard on my first book –

The Zen of Social Media Marketing: An Easier Way to Build Credibility, Generate Buzz and Increase Revenue.

Well -it is FINALLY here! Amazon has released it and so have bookstores across the country.

The BUZZ is building!

– I debuted it on Good Morning Texas last week.
– wrote a review of it here:

Now, I need your help because I couldn’t have gotten this far without your support. Here is how you can help:

1) Order your copy if you haven’t already done so. You can grab it online at or at Amazon:

2) Contact your local bookstore and library to make sure they get a copy.

3) Spread the word using social media. For example, you can tweet: Just read @Shama’s book – The Zen of Social Media Marketing or you can leave an Amazon review.

*If you are a blogger or a journalist, please email April at for a F’REE review copy of the book.*

I have my monitoring systems online fired up. Every week I will pick one random supporter of the book, and give them a FREE 1 hour social media strategy session with me.

This will be my way of saying thank you. I am SO grateful for your support. Thank you.

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  • Amber

    I would love a free hour session with Shama. I bought the book and have read it cover to cover twice. Working to implement strategies for myself and my clients. Thanks!

  • Oliver Tausend

    Hi Shama,
    congratulations on your book. It was exactly what I needed to read. Keep up your great work and take care

  • Frank

    A fast and insightful read and I suspect saved me a lot of time reading a lot of other books on the topic. I feel that I at least have a great starting point.

  • Sebastian

    I read the book in two nights time, losing plenty of sleep over it. IT WAS WORTH IT!!!! I am rethinking my entire business structure and direction thanks to your work and have a renewed vigor. I just hope I am applying these lessons correctly (*hint* need the 1-hour session with Shama).
    Thank you so much for your work. Your No. 1 fan right here!

  • Leslie C

    I am working with small businesses here in Seattle and bringing your wisdom and expertise would be invaluable. I would love a chance to talk with you. Thank you so much.