Published on 7th Jan, 2009 in Online Marketing

Why Social Media will NEVER Work for You

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Because social media doesn’t “work.” You work IT. Or, you don’t. It’s a choice. Every time I speak, inevitably someone will assert: “I have been on Facebook and Tweeter (Twitter) for a while but it hasn’t gotten me any business.” And I have to think, “it” hasn’t gotten you business. What does “it” have to do with anything? “It” serves 150 million people (the number of users Facebook reached today), and you expect it to focus on you? Frankly I am a little tired of people expecting social media to work. It doesn’t. You DO! You have the ability to connect with 150 million people on Facebook ALONE. What do you do with this ability? Think of Facebook and Twitter and Linked-In as coffee shops. Just coffee shops teeming with people and no limitation on physical space. Oh ya, you have to bring your own coffee. No big deal. Everyday people come to this coffee shop to do their thing (write notes, relax, connect with others). They DON’T come there to listen to sales pitches, but they ARE opening to learning new things and making new friends. If you came to this coffee shop everyday and left each day saying the coffe shop doesn’t get me business, what are you really saying? So, perhaps a MUCH better question is: How do I WORK social media? And how do I work it correctly? I am working on answering this, not as a blog post, but as a book. Keep your eyes open.
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