Why Social Media Marketing comes Last

Here is a typical conversation I have with prospective clients ALL the time.

Mr. Prospect: We’d like to do some social media marketing.

Me: Oh, great. Exactly, what are you looking for within social media marketing?

Mr. Prospect: Well, we need a Facebook fan page and a twitter account.

Me: So, you’ve got a great business and a fabulous website with great content?  And need to get the word out more? Yes?

Mr. Prospect: hmm…see, our website isn’t quite what we need it to be. Its in all flash and we designed it ourselves five years ago. And, we also need to rebrand. Our old brand isn’t really what we do anymore.

Me: How do you plan on using social media marketing then?

Mr. Prospect: Figured that’s how you get the word out.

Me: Yes, of course you want to get the word out and build relationships with new prospects. But, what exactly do you want amplified? Because social media is the ultimate amplifier.Your basics like a great brand, a well converting website, and content, should all come first. Do you do any type of email marketing now to keep in touch with current website visitors?

Mr. Prospect: <Long Pause> So, you are saying that social media marketing comes last?

Me: Amen. (well…something of that sort). ; )

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  • Gerrit

    So true, content is king. Simple effective and very true at least 80% of the time the miracle cure conversation go exactly like that. I like how you brought this out so simple and yet spot on. It is the short-sightedness that get me most and I agree without quality content nothing else fit. Once that is in play then get a strategy in place everything else follow, investigating the right tools where the content should be distributed, the systems that need to support it, the database that should drive it and don’t forget the audience it is for market segment etc. exiting times we live in.

  • Scott Anderson, PhD

    Makes sense. So, if you build it, they will come. And if they come, and you are unprepared, that’s the problem. You’ve invited everyone over for a big party and got a lot of people interested in coming to the party, but you don’t have any music, cake, or balloons when they show up. I’d think twice about going to your party the next time you invited me. (Nice work, Shama. It’s fun to watch you doing your thing from a distance).

  • Kim

    Thank you for this insight! I’m in the process of developing a new business/brand and am trying to learn as much as I can about internet marketing, social media, etc. This very discussion has come up between my partner and me. Thanks for confirming what we already felt despite other people’s opinions!!

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com Nick Stamoulis

    It is so important for clients to have a really solid foundation before they decide to approach all the external marketing elements.

  • Stewart

    Yes, going from run of the mill to outstanding has to the first strategy for any business. If nothing separates you from many of the spam sites, you have no branding strategy, frumpy website (loved that “all in flash”comment) does not engender trust, then all the social media marketing in the world won’t do much.

  • http://www.DallasGoogleGuru.Wordpress.com Mike Stewart

    Another great post! I agree. Although I also tend to think that that a properly designed Twitter Page and Facebook fan page is fairly easy to set-up. I prefer to show my clients how to do it…… then call me later when it matters!