Why Open Door Marketing Always Fails

Open Door Marketing is a strategy that always fails, and yet it is practiced by small businesses around the world. Open Door Marketing is when a business opens their doors and expects customers and clients to come running in. It doesn’t happen. Even if you are selling the best widget for the lowest price, you still can’t expect people to “find” you. Might some poor soul stumble in? Yes. Will that lead to explosive profits and a stable business? Not even close.

Here are three reasons why Open Door Marketing always fails-

1) The Market is Saturated– There are a million widget makers out there. Your target market doesn’t know who is better. It’s your job to show them what makes you different. It is your job to stand out in a busy marketplace.

2) People Don’t have Time– There is too much information out there and too little time. Your target market is not going to spend the time seeking you out. Your job is to make yourself as available as possible to the people looking for your services. Respect their time and respect your business.

3) It Takes Away from your Credibility- You might think not marketing makes your business look classy. After all, you don’t want to “sell.” It’s the opposite. If you have a product or service of value, why are you hiding it? Is there something wrong with your business? It brings up questions of credibility. If someone told you, I have a cure for the common cold but I am not into marketing it. What would you think? Would you believe the person or would you think there was something fishy going on? If you have a product or service of value, something that can really help people, it is your obligation to SHARE that with those who need it. You don’t sell to everyone, but you should sell to those who need your product. What if Colgate, Crest, and every other toothpaste manufacturer decided to pull their stuff from the stores and stop marketing. Now, if you want toothpaste, you have to go to their factories or call them to have it shipped. It’s not the picture of perfection.

You have an obligation (yes-an OBLIGATION) to share your talents and your gifts with the world. You have an obligation to market your services.

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  • Heather Juma

    Shama, You made some great points in this post, well done. Not a good idea to be the “low price” leader, that marketing strategy isn’t working anymore. Also the “Open It and They Will Come” strategy isn’t working either as you astutely mention. And you’re right, we do have an obligation to market and share.