Which Social Media Network Are You? A Quiz.

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1. You started developing your REAL personality in..

a. Highschool. Didn’t everyone?
b. College was when it all started to come together…
c. Not until I started working. That’s when I got to know my real self.
d. It’s a journey! It’s a journey!

2. Your life is …

a. An open book.
b. All about the relationships!
c. Work.
d. Box of chocolates, or wait…is it a bouquet of flowers?

3. Your favorite subject in school was …

a. Art and Music.
b. English
c. Math and Science
d. Cafeteria. Lunch time! Also whatever I was in the mood for that year.

4. Your room is best described as…

a. A canvas that reflects my soul.
b. Covered with pictures, momentos, and notes.
c. Minimalistic.
d. Depends on what day it is. Monday-super clean, Tuesday- craft day, Wednesday- lost socks…

5. Your ideal night out is…

a. Listening to the hottest live band in town.
b. A dinner and movie with close friends.
c. Dinner at home, followed by a book.
d. A party with my 1000 closest friends.

Mostly A’s: MySpace: You bloomed early. You aren’t shy, like live music, and need outlets for your creativity.

Mostly B’s: Facebook: You are growing fast! You have made your share of mistakes but continue to learn and grow. You probably love taking and sharing pictures. The relationships in your life are key.

Mostly C’s: Linked-In: Work is worship. Your work defines you, and you are constantly looking at climbing the ladder. Ambitious and smart, just be careful not to close yourself off.

Mostly D’s: Twitter: Here today, there tomorrow. You know how to roll with the punches, go with the flow, etc. And, you don’t mind holding 10 conversations at once. Overall a jolly person. More the merrier right?

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  1. That quiz is nonsensical, Shama.

    I picked B, A, B, C, and A. You tell me what I am.

    And your numbers are off…

  2. I got all Ds! Just like in school!

    Ari Herzog, that is something only somebody who didn’t get all Ds would notice.

  3. Hi Ari,

    It’s not meant to be a serious quiz. : ) Just some fun!

    It means you are your own unique social media network. : )

  4. You think I got all A’s in college, Tracy? No ma’am ee!

  5. My answers were mostly A’s except question 4. I’d say your description for “Mostly A’s” is fairly accurate. Although I never used MySpace. My very first social network was blackplanet.com back in year 2000, but I get your drift..

  6. Hmmm Shama – I don’t know that all A’s make me a MySpace person. I am more a D type and I scored all A’s. At this time I am just looking at this as a “bit of fun…” nothing more.

    But it was great of you to put it up there for all of us to enjoy…


  7. My answers are:

    B. College was when it all started to come together…
    B. All about the relationships!
    A. Art and Music. (and Psychology!)
    B. Covered with pictures, momentos, and notes.
    A. Listening to the hottest live band in town.

    So according to your quiz, I’m mostly Facebook and come in as MySpace second. In real life, I’m definitely Facebook and my second network is Twitter!

    This was fun, Shama!

    ~ Dora

  8. Hey Shama,
    Great Fun! I was just thinking Twitter is the network for The Successful ADDer! tehe. So tell Iri, this is so absolutely right and he needs to get on the train, or BART or somethingl
    Okay… kiddding kidddding; I won’t grow up. :)
    Oh and PS this completely scientific survey has nothing to do with grades in school. I only go 2 Ds. Well really 1 and that was in the third grade. I charmed the teacher (Freshman English) into a C-. Ok, I’ll stop now. That is the only thing that might be wrong about ADDers and Twitter. If I want to say more than 140 spaces I have to post twice. Now done.
    – – Fun Fun — Cathy

  9. Hee hee. This was fun. I got all D’s, which must mean I’m fully recovered from my former “type A” personality. Now I just go with the flow, never a plan in sight … interestingly enough, I just started getting “into” Twitter. Facebook, on the other hand, just confuses me.


  10. Shama-
    Fun! I am a solid B – Facebook :)


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