What’s Your Burning Question about Social Media Marketing?

By: Shama Hyder

I have some good news and some even better news. = )

The good news is that I am writing a book on social media marketing. Not just any old book-but a PRACTICAL how to get clients using social media sites guidebook.

A real “nitty gritty” case-study rich social media marketing book. And I plan to make it available in pdf and print form. Why is this good news? : ) Because for the longest time my colleagues, clients, and readers (you guys!) have been requesting it.

What’s the even better news? I want you guys to be a part of it! You see, I don’t want this to be fluffy, feel good, buzz words (authenticity, transparency, community) filled book. Not that the big picture ideas aren’t important. They are. BUT, I want this book to be an INTEGRAL part of your online marketing efforts. I want strategy AND tactics. Most importantly, I want it to answer all your burning social media marketing questions!

So, please ask in the comments section below. And to show you my appreciation, I will randomly pick 3 commentors and give them a a free copy of my book upon release.

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  • Amish Keshwani

    Why is the objective behind the social media marketing ?

    I mean, We should do the same for getting the huge traffic with less conversion ratio?

    Or, We need to do it as search pattern will going to be more Personalized & Localized so, Social Media Marketing will play a crucial role in that

    Or Now, Social Media Sites are booming and Popular Social sites like, Facebook, Digg, Twitter will going to face competition with new players in the field & might be they open up their database for the search engines to help their users to appear on the SERP for user generated content ? (Just like Facebook did)

    SO, How we need to define our Goal/Objective while starting up with the Social Media Marketing ?

  • http://www.odxfusion.com/blog/ Paddy Shaughnessy

    Within the last decade we’ve seen many technology trends come and go.

    In your impression, why will Social Media Marketing stand the test of time outside of it being an exciting, dynamic and ever-evolving way to market?

    Wait, did I answer my own question?

  • Greg

    Social media marketing is great, but not for all audiences. Do you find it difficult to talk clients OUT of using social media marketing when they are excited about it, but have an audience ill-suited for it? Do such audiences exist?

    Do you address when NOT to use this greatly underutilized communication channel in the book?

  • http://twitter.com/ronakshah Ronak Shah

    As I see that it will take a few years for unconventional media like the social media be counted as mainstream media, I have a very basic but strong question:

    What is the power of social media? How will social media and the communication that happens within itself between its users affect the interests of the traditional media largely, widely and globally? Will it ever become a highly trusted source for content feeds for the traditional media? how can one tap into its power to influence traditional media?

    Influencing traditional media can open up a wide space for generating users of social media completely and widely. Other than that, a company or a blogger can widely get free publicity and branding. As the traditional media has wider audience than social media, it’s important to look outside-the-box and seek a wider audience at all times or even generate your own audience through offline PR as well apart from online means. Please comment.

  • http://www.nick-rice.com Nick Rice

    Shama, my biggest concern (or thing that I’m working through) is finding truly viable prospects online. I seem to always run around with circles of friends or peers; but not small biz owners/execs. Maybe that’s because my niche is more of a mindset/psychographic niche than a demographic niche–meaning they share a mindset of growth versus working in a certain field.

  • http://www.LetYourLifeBloom.com Vanessa Smith

    Hi Shama,
    My questions are:

    How do you determine which social media is the best to use for your target market?

    What are ways to stand out? As I grow on FB I’m getting so many invites. What are people really paying attention to?

    What’s the formula for social media success and getting a loyal following?

  • http://www.zandapanda.com Sandra Lira

    Hi Shama,

    If you have a new follower on Twitter, is it OK to say thanks and then tell them you’re shamelessly seeking fans for your biz page on Facebook? And invite them to be a fan…and send their friends? Or is that considered bad form?

    Also, how forward should you be in contacting or connecting with specific journalists on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.(Journalists that you already have spoken with, not contacting for the first time).

    I’m still new to this, but I’m sure that I’m not the only one who would appreciate this sort of question being answered in your book. I think everyone new to social media is very concerned with issues of etiquette.



  • Greg


    Do you discuss “friend-” or “follow-capital” at all in your book? (Paying to advertise with people with thousands of “friends”/”followers” in a particular niche/fragment.)
    This would be like product placement in your favorite TV show…possibly alienating customers.


  • Andrew


    How can you continue to compete with others in information products without a significant drop in prices? It feels like the days of multiple thousand dollar seminars and other things are dwindling. Do you recommend selling a lot of goods to people at lower price points?

  • http://stevetuf.blogspot.com Steve Tuffill

    Again, Shama, the “bot” reading your words just doesn’t do it for me. It is somewhat annoying to see the phrases “…By: Shama Hyder

    I have some good news and some even better news. = )…”
    all run together in a jumble of words and ideas. Think about what you are doing here. It really denigrates the site to a level below what you are really worth. either you need to remove it, or at least put it somewhere else on the page. You could also change the label to something like “Let my bot read the page to you…” , if you really think this is going to assist people. I personally think that it is only going to present you with problems.

  • Trevor

    Hi, Shama.

    I’m in kind of an odd business. I’m an airbrush artist specializing in wall murals, and I’ve personally worked on projects in 4 continents (other than North America). I acheived that through dumb luck and meeting the right group of business-people at the right time.

    I’m starting a family now and am setting up a more localized sort of application of my skill set. I’ll still offer airbrushing, but not on the same scale. And I’ve also invested in large format digital printing equipment for making signs, decals, etc, serving my immediate area, with a radius of, say, 50 miles.

    Having said all that, is this the kind of business that should invest considerable time and energy in social networking, or would my time be better spent on more conventional approaches?

  • http://forwriteabouteverything.com/ Teresa

    I have made some awesome networking connections using social media. No clients, but connecting for JV opportunities and other business expanding opportunities.
    My question is this: How do I find the time to interact w/social media the way I need to in order to really connect with people without spending all my time doing it?

  • Janet


    I work with many small business owners who are struggling to find the time to get everything done. Social media, even for those who understand it, is such a time-hog. Those who don’t understand are just overwhelmed at the prospect of adding these social media activities into their day. What suggestions do you have for making social media marketing a practical goal for such time-challenged folks?


  • http://swatteampartners.com mark wilcox

    Since about the beginning, humans have been social, segmenting into relationship groups and self selecting content that they want or need. I get that all social network technology is doing is enhancing what anthropologists & socialogists have known for years about humanity. One of my struggles is creating the change management mindset and the connect the dots road map that enables marketers/advertisers who need to go from pushing and controlling messages and offers in traditional media that contextually consumers accept being sold to and has a proven ROMI & metrics to adding transparent participation and relevant engagement with communities that contextually don’t want to be sold to and which has largely unproven ROMI & metrics? If you have health care examples or retail examples of this transformation that would be great to see.

  • http://stevetuf.blogspot.com Steve Tuffill

    Well my previous comment wasn’t about social media marketing. (It was my burning question about something else that bothers me… Sorry Shama!)
    However, I think that my serious question, Shama, would be about the people who are currently leading the market in social marketing. Who are they and how did they get there? Is there a culture which we all need to learn about this new approach, or is it all based on tried and tested methods, only re-wrapped in a different Web 2.0 package?

  • http://www.RecognizedExpert.com Bob Sommers

    What should you do if someone want’s to be your friend on Facebook, but they do not tell you how they know you or why they want to be your friend? Is there a down side to accepting them as your friend if you don’t know them?

  • Les Johnson

    I am a newbie. Does Social Media Marketing work well for multilevel marketing businesses? Are there specific techniques for this type of business? What are some quality sources or articles that are specific to utilizing Social Media Marketing for a multilevel or relational marketing business.The business basically teaches that high touch is better than high tech and that you build businesses face to face and by developing personal relationships and that the high tech is basically just for ordering getting people on autoship and for tracking your business. I am gathering from your site that there is a better way, no?

  • http://mafc.com Angel Adams

    Shama, there are sooooo many social applications out there, how do you know which one is right for your business?

    And once you’ve selected an application (or two) how do you decide what to put on it. It seems like I am putting duplicate information from my website out there. How is that helping me?

    Finally, how do I possibly keep up with all the updates. Between Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. it seems like it’s taking a good deal of my already packed schedule.


  • http://brandandmarket.com Chris Brown

    I would love for you to share real life examples of how you wove online social media into offline business marketing.

    Also what do you do when someone you know through your personal life posts messages on your social media that don’t match up with your business life?

    Chris Brown

  • Linda Harrison (twitter/BluButterfly

    When supplying content to your social sites, should you repeat the same articles and blogs or do rewrites and completely fresh material?

  • http://twitter.com/bushmanbill bushamnbill

    Why do we use war terminology to refer to social media as if the people we’re reaching out to are enemies to be attacked, pillaged & plundered (See: social media “campaign”, “tactics” or “strategy”)?

  • http://www.GoodExecutiveSolutions.com Lurleen D. McNair

    I have joined Linked In, Facebook and Twitter. My question is how do I utilize these Social Networking sites properly to build my brand and to reach my ideal client?

    How has someone like yourself used Social Networking in your business?

    Thanks for asking!

    Lurleen D. McNair

  • Melanie P

    Hi Shama,

    I truly believe in the enormous power of Social Media to effect profound world change as well as it being the future of marketing.

    There are so many social networks and media accounts one must establish to have a viable shot at being effective in marketing efforts. In your opinion, what is the best way to sync them all up to save time when updating/providing content?

    Thanks for your enthusiasm and willingness to share your knowledge and insights with us! I look forward to reading the book!


  • http://www.catalyzelearning.com Mark David Milliron


    We live in a world increasingly driven by analytics (e.g., Amazon’s suggestions, iTunes just for you section, and your credit card’s fraud watch). As consumers, we increasingly expect a more sophisticated level of insight from those who serve us.

    How will smart organizations blend a tough-minded commitment to analytic systems and strategies together with a flexible, data-informed approach to using both traditional marketing and social media marketing (ala Obama’s campaign)? And, can a commitment to the analytics actually help convince an organization to expand its SMM?

  • http://www.mysearchguru.com Anita Cohen-Williams


    How do we reach the business owner who says that they have no time for social media? Or the group that feels that social media in general is a time vampire?

  • http://www.margecarter.com Marge Carter

    how many social networking groups should someone be in?

  • http://www.DomainBELL.com Patricia Kaehler

    My Question is: How does a company find the “right” type of person to connect with – if their profiles don’t have the proper KEYWORDS ??

    I think Twitter.com should have LONGER – EXPANDED option PROFILES available…

    Also another comment on Twitter.com — I feel they should NOT prevent a member from following as many people as they want after a 30 day initial join… if that member is active on Twitter.com and does
    a fair amount of posts… Obviously if they are participating — they aren’t there to just be a spammer… Restricting a member to only 2k in Follows is something that should be changed….

    Good Luck with the book…

    The eMail you sent me did not say you were picking just 3 people.. it said ask a question and get your free Book… you might want to change your outgoing eMail if you aren’t honoring the statement in the letter… (just a thought)

    ~Patricia K.


  • http://girlopinion.com Mary Grace Ignacio

    Hi Shama,

    Congratulations in advance for your upcoming book!

    I would like to know what tips can you give to start learning marketing, what attitude should an aspiring entrepreneur like me should possess and timely tips on marketing especially with the economic crisis we have right now.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Krista

    Hi Shama
    How do you know which one gives the best ROI on your time and effort? Do I join each new one that pops up or do I lurk, listen and take my time? Thanks!

  • http://stevetuf.blogspot.com Steve

    Hi Shama
    I really like what you have done with this page… I wish you all the success with your new book that you so richly deserve!

  • http://www.largeformatreview.com Claud Morgret

    Hi Some good interesting content on here. Good work.