Welcome Robert Middleton Readers! Please Read On…

By: Shama Hyder

Today, many of you will stumble upon this site and blog thanks to Robert Middleton of Action Plan Marketing. Robert is a mentor and colleague. I recently took part in his 3rd marketing coaches certification program. Marketing is such a field that you MUST constantly keep learning, and Robert is just full of great information.

This post is meant to help guide you through the site, and address some questions I have already received…

What do you do?

Our company does 2 main things:

1) Serve as a virtual marketing department for companies who don’t have the resources for an in-house one or who need extra help.

2) Train small business owners and independent professionals how to be marketing rock stars in their own right.

I LOVE what I do. Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that technology and marketing are second nature to me. My gift and contribution to the world is that I can sift through the myriad amount of new technology, information, and resources to find the gems that truly work for businesses.

Where does Robert’s Marketing Ball fit in?

Robert’s marketing ball provides the perfect structure for us to 1) carry out marketing tasks for businesses in an efficient manner and 2) teach business owners a systematic manner in which to attract business consistently.

We specialize in online marketing, and have found that the marketing ball game can be applied seamlessly to the online world. You can download our 21 page workbook that lays out the online marketing game plan.

Okay, cool, where do I start…

1. The article Robert referred you to is here.

2. Next, be sure to download the free Online Marketing Guide. It’s the key to integrated marketing (versus doing a bit of this…and a bit of that).

3. Join Facebook.

4. Add me as a friend if you like!

5. Join the free Marketing Mastermind group on Facebook.

I want more!

Great, here are some more articles by me that discuss social media marketing (including marketing on Facebook).

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– How to be a Social Media God or Goddess

– Super Duper Free Online Marketing and PR Resources

– 7 Facebook Hacks for Business


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