Using Social Media Outlets for Marketing

Anyone with any kind of online presence has probably been to Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter at least once. Maybe you just looked around or reconnected with old friends. Perhaps you saw a competitor online. Regardless of the reason why you were there, the fact still remains you were there.

In fact, there are millions of people that use these social media sites every day for one purpose or another. If you’re looking to broaden the market for your company or brand, online marketing is an excellent resource.

In this current climate of downsizing and stretching not only every dollar but every resource, more and more people are realizing that online marketing is not just for the technology minded. Below are just a few of the top benefits of using this marketing strategy.

Top 5 Reasons to Market Virtually

1. The Required Time Investment (Preparation, Commute Time, Event Attendance, etc)

If you’re like many companies, you’re either trying to do more work with fewer people. If you’re shorter on time than you’d like, online marketing is a perfect answer. Gathering leads and new contacts is only a few clicks away, not miles away at the latest industry event. There’s no commute time on the World Wide Web, and, depending on the level of your marketing effort, the time preparing and implementing your campaign is minimal.

2. Relevance of Target Audience

On social media sites, the size of your audience grows exponentially. The potential for leads is practically unlimited, but you can also tailor your audience to ensure you are reaching the people you want. Facebook and LinkedIn are very group oriented media spaces. Where you choose to post your marketing material will determine the audience you reach.

3. Competitive Research

The internet is making our world more transparent every day. Company information is no longer relegated to hardbound directories or industry databases. All the public background information you need is available with a touch of a button or the click of a mouse. If the company, person, or brand you’re interested in has any kind of online presence, you can find them. Check their popularity with the public, get information on their marketing efforts, and check their corporate structure. Having this much background information available can also come in handy when you’re trying to really target your audience, as well.

4. Ease of Follow-Up

Even with a targeted audience, the results of your social media marketing campaigns could be quite significant. In the world of business cards and hand scrawled names and phone numbers, follow-up can be a nightmare. There is a relatively short time to follow-up with your contacts to ensure they’re still interested and fresh on the details of your meeting and interaction. With online social media marketing, follow-up can be as simple as sending an email. With today’s email clients and scheduling software, you can even automate your follow-ups to help guarantee you never miss an opportunity.

5. Environment Impact (“Greener” Method)

Now more than ever, the environment is at the forefront of concern. More people are realizing the damage we’ve caused by thoughtlessness and poor planning. Online marketing has many advantages, but one of the most important is that it is environmentally sound. Media marketing is paperless, requires no commuting, and uses little energy. The effects of your marketing campaigns will increase many times over; at the same time, your effect on the environment shrinks to almost nothing. Saving your planet has never been more important – or easier to do.

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  • Amit

    Hey Shama,

    I read your posts regularly but never made a comment before,except on the FaceBook. Wanted to let you know you simply rock and thanks for showing the other aspects of social media & networking that would otherwise not be known.