Top 7 Resources You Had No Clue Existed

By: Shama Hyder

1) Otengo– Want to send your wedding video to a friend? How about a few presentations to a colleague? Use Otengo. It allows you to send huge files in minutes. Best part: you can use your own email address. It’s a stand-alone application. Only caveat, your friend has to have Otengo to receive the files. But, that’s a snap because downloads are free-and spam safe.

2) MyN10– LinkedIn meets BNI. A social networking site…but, not just another one. This one if for serious networkers. Give referrals, get referrals, and even attend teleseminars from their virtual univesity on topics ranging from online marketing to PR. It’s everything you wish LinkedIn and Facebook were. There is a free and paid option.

3) RescueTime– Ever wondered how much time you really spend on email and Facebook? Yeah, us too. This free tool tracks your time-then scores your efficiency.

4) K9Cuisine Blog– Got dogs? This blog is a hidden resource for ALL things dog. Got a question? Get free advice from expert vets and trainers.

5) Image Resizing– A simple and effective tool to resize images-all online!

6) HARO– Help a Reporter Out, my friend! This is one resource you may have heard about already. Peter Shankman, colleague and friend, is making it free and EASY for reporters and experts to get connected.

7 )Magic Jack– Make free local and long distance phone calls using this simple device. I haven’t personally tried it yet, but friends are already raving.

Photo Credit: mynamemattersnot

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  1. Thanks, Shama! I knew about HARO but the rest are absolute gems. I’d love to reprint for my list. Is that okay?

    Love and success,
    The Business Explosion Coach

  2. Hi Monikah-

    You are most welcome to do so.

    Glad you liked it!


  3. Ditto with HARO. I have an article being published (nationally) about our company this fall courtesy of HARO.

    I am very interested in MyN10 and will check out.

    Thank you for the heads up.

  4. BTW – Do we use you as our referral source? If so can we use your username to join?

    Thanks again.

  5. Hi Greg-

    You can if you wish! Thanks for asking.

    You guys rock!


  6. Shama,

    Thanks for mentioning MyN10. If your readers enter SH76109045 or your email address in the “Referred By” field, they will automatically be placed in your network.

    Jim Penny

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