Top 10 Reasons to Use WordPress to Build your Business Site

By: Shama Hyder

A small part of what we do here at Click To Client is design and develop websites for businesses. Our platform of choice to build these sites is always WordPress. It is an open source platform for blogs. Meaning, it’s free and kept that way by the thousands of developers who devote time and energy to it.

Here are 10 reasons we use WordPress to build business websites:

1. Great Content Management System (CMS)-This is our number one reason. Building a business website on WordPress allows you to update your own website without a designer. Many content management systems cost thousands of dollars and are clunky at best. Because WordPress has an army of people who are constantly making it better, it’s a snap to do it yourself.

2. It’s FREE-How cool is that? A free content management system.

3. Great Plugins-Plugins are add-ons or “widgets” that you can use to upgrade your blog. See the recent comments and most popular posts generated to the left? That’s thanks to different plugins. The comments function that allows you to add your opinions below? Also a plugin.

4. A Variety of Themes and Designs- Type in “WordPress themes” in Google and 18 MILLION results are found. What works best for businesses is to take a basic theme or design and then tweak it to fit their company.

5. Global Support- Having a hard time with your site? If it was built on WordPress, you can bet that a quick search for the problem on Google will have you with an answer in no time.

6. Search Engines Find your Faster-Search engines (like Google) add websites to their search results by “crawling” or “indexing” them on a regular basis. The more often it indexes, the better! Because of the inherent structure of WordPress, search engines will find and include new content from your site a lot faster.

7. Easy Content Syndication- Using WordPress also allows you to create an RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feed. That means you can syndicate your content through many different channels. For example, I have an RSS feed that goes into Twitter and Facebook. That means every time I write a new article on this site, it shows up there as well!

8. Blogging Option Available- Even if a business chooses not to have a blog at the moment, it’s always a great option for the future. Building a site on WordPress makes that a very easy option to exercise.

9. Supports Multiple Users- Need multiple people to have access to your web site? No problem. WordPress is setup so you can have multiple logins.

10. Browser Friendly- One of the toughest aspects of building a website is making sure that it looks appropriate in all browsers-or at least most of them. The two most popular browsers are Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. WordPress themes are custom built so your site looks great in any browser. (Not sure how your site looks in other browsers? Check out It’s a free service that will let you check your website in multiple browsers).

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  • Jim Turner

    Do all of these benefits apply to when your site is hosted by wordpress as well or when you have WP uploaded to your own domain?
    Jim Turner

  • Trisha Cupra, Web Design Watchdog

    I totally agree with you. WordPress is fantastic. I use it for all my sites, and my clients’ sites.

  • Jeff F

    Hey Shama! I am thinking about opening up some other guitar related blogs. If I start with them hosted by wordpress, is it hard to transfer them over to my own domain and hosting later on down the line? Also, if it is hosted by wordpress is it easy to do a clean url redirect and use my own url address, or will this mess things up in the Search Engines?

  • Shama

    Hi Jim and Jeff,

    I think both your questions are very similar. I need to go back to the post and make this clear (which I will do). WordPress is not a hosting system. You still need a different host. It’s just the back-end of your site. ALWAYS use your own domain name. That’s just a given. ESPECIALLY as a business.

    Using the WP platform has no affect whatsoever on your URL, etc.

    Post here if you have more questions!


    Always a pleasure to see you here. = )

  • Andy Drish

    Shama – I also love the “ease of use” aspect of WordPress. By no means do I have much experience with the technical aspects of building a website… but with all the pre-made templates out there, it’s simple to switch professional looking themes with the click of a button!

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  • Honest Jay

    Awesome 10 reasons. The only one I have a problem with is #2 but I guess it works too. It’s only free after you’ve paid for hosting.

  • Mitch Jackson

    Agree. We love our WordPress sites :-)