Top 10 Marketing Insights

1) Consumers are NOT Tired of Information. In fact, they are out looking for it on a daily basis. The main difference? They want it on their terms: when they want it and how they want it. So, seek permission and keep in touch. You never know when they may need your services!

2) Define and Focus– In a world full of grays, you have to be the red. Sharpen your marketing message, keep sight of your focus, and walk a straight line. Your clients and prospects don’t have time for wishy-washy. Stay sharp in all that you do.

3) Remember the Two I’s.– Internet and Interaction. They have to go together. Your personal interactions should be a reflection of your online image. This is the TRUE brand experience.

4) Involve the Client- Client engagement is key. Keep them involved in all that you do, even if the project doesn’t require their direct attention. Training and educating the client is just as important as the work that you do.

5) Design and Edit- Designers and editors will rule the world. Cultivate the editor and designer within you. Editor- because to succeed in business you have become the ultimate tweaking machine. Designer-the packaging matters just as much as the service.

6) Customization is King- Web 2.0 is all about customization. Let clients pick what works for them. Give them choices. My articles are available through the blog, through eZines, and occasionally-other sites.

7) Power is Out. Community is In.– Empires are overrated. You can’t run an ad on TV, build a few factories, and start bringing in the profits. It’s not about size. It’s about community. It’s about key clients who turn around and tell the world about you. It’s about passionate bloggers who are happy to write rave reviews. It’s about service.

8) Think Benji- That’s short for Benjamin Franklin. He would be the perfect entrepreneur for our times. He understood the power of building up a community, always investing in himself, and most importantly…publishing. In Academia, they call this the "Publish or Perish Syndrome." Believe it or not, all businesses are publishers. Some are good, others not so much. Emulate Benjamin Franklin when it comes to your business.

9) Tactics without Strategy is Worthless.- You don’t need an eZine or a blog or an account on Facebook or Twitter…or anything else…if you don’t have a strategy to go with it. All of the above are tactics. But, what’s the strategy? How do you turn strangers into prospects, and prospects into clients?

10) Learn from Others- We all have our own gifts and talents. Use your own and leverage the rest from others. This is a winning combination.

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  • Jay Hargis

    Shama, Great advice and great pointers. I think #4, Involve the Client, is one of the most important and often overlooked insights. So often, we live in fear of our clients…”what if they leave me?” or “what if I make a mistake and make them angry?” What we fail to do is ASK them what they want or what they need. A few questions can go a long way!
    Thanks for sharing the tips!

  • Hanif Rehman

    Hi Shama,

    Great post again, I would say in terms of the Social Web, one must look into creating a forum that allows interactions with other such minded people and with your customers. A forum I think is one of the most widely used and trusted methods of engaging with customers. What are your thoughts on this?

    And when is the Shama Webinar on marketing going to be presented? ;-)

    Kind regards,

    Hanif Rehman

  • Aamer

    I am curious to know how can social websites e.g. Facebook and Twitter be included in one’s marketing strategy?