Three Steps to Being Desirable for Clients

Everyone wants to portray himself or herself as an expert. In fact, most companies would say that they don’t just want to portray themselves as experts. They also want to be experts. They want clients and prospective clients to think of their company as the go-to company for anything that the client needs or desires. Being that go-to company makes your company extremely desirable for clients and potential clients. Learn all about the three ways to become desirable to clients.


1. Demonstrate Your Knowledge of the Subject

One of the best ways to show that you know what you’re doing (and are therefore an expert) is through a newsletter or blog. Successful B2B blog posts help improve your image as an expert, particularly because they make your company well known. You’ll want to make sure that your blog is well known in order to have the full advantage of running a blog.

Don’t just offer diluted information to your readers, though. You want to make sure that they know you’re an expert, not someone who’s just getting by on their information. You want your readers to know that you are an expert, which is why producing shallow posts simply doesn’t work.

Giving away some of the more valuable information may seem like a foolish idea to you. You may be worried that if you give away too much information, people won’t hire you. This is actually not true. In fact, people might need more of your advice or they may feel that your description is to complicated, making them want to hire you for the project.


2. Show Your Approachability

Being approachable is one of the best ways to make yourself desirable to clients. Clients who see you as being approachable are much more likely to seek out your expert advice. In particular, a well-built online community through shareable content makes you seem both friendly and professional.

Though it’s surprising, many business owners are confrontational to potential clients. Don’t be like them or you won’t get any clients. Being confrontational makes you less approachable, which means less clients.. If we want people to feel comfortable approaching us, we need to be approachable. This is part of connecting to your audience, which will make your company more desirable.


3. Be Reliable

By publishing a newsletter or blog at the same time every week, you show your reliability. Clients know that they can count on you each week to produce information. Your reliability from creating the blog posts means that you have consistently published reliable content over a reasonable period of time.

Potential clients are going to be doing all the research they can on you. They’ll want to make sure that you (or your company) are who you claim to be. If you’ve been in business for a long time, you’ll want to make sure they know. People trust other people who have had a lot of time and experience in their respective fields.


Follow these three tips to make sure that you are desirable to your clients. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Marketing Zen Group or comment below!

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