The Top 4 Ways to Have An Effective Twitter Call to Action

Often, it is easier and faster to gain followers on Twitter than it is on any other social media site. In particular, Twitter followers seem to grow much faster than Facebook likes. In fact, some numbers indicate that Twitter followers grow at a 55% faster rate than Facebook likes. While Facebook will remain king of social media for a while, Twitter is rapidly becoming the site to use for companies that want to establish their brands. Companies that want to be known should establish themselves firmly on both sites, though Twitter will likely spread their brand faster, which will help them to accelerate their online networking.

So Why Use Twitter?

Besides the fact that Twitter followers come rather rapidly, the marketing strategy of any company or small business should require some calls to action. Tweeting is pointless unless you are getting the results that you need from twitter, such as the results of the actions of your followers. Calls to action are extremely important but it is very difficult to execute a call to action that doesn’t seem too pushy or too corporate, which is one of the many mistakes companies can make on Twitter. Creating a call to action that is both unique and effective is a great way to get your followers engaged in what you are doing.

Top 4 Effective Calls to Action

  1. Ask for a download. One of the best ways to get people to pay attention to what you do is to get them to download your latest app or information. Downloads make your followers feel like you’ve spent time doing something for them, that they get for free. And who doesn’t like free stuff? To increase the effectiveness of your call to action, make sure that you give clear directions for downloading, provide an incentive to click, and increase urgency by adding a deadline. These will make your followers more prepared to download whatever it is you have available for them. Also, don’t over use hashtags. Make sure you’re getting the most out of the ones you use, however.
  2. Ask for a Retweet. Asking for a retweet may seem a little too obvious or pushy but if you provide an incentive to retweet, then you will likely increase your retweets. An incentive can be something along the lines of a contest or a sweepstake, which is a popular form of incentive that will encourage your followers to retweet. Make sure you provide context for the retweet, and keep it simple. People need to know exactly what you want them to do.
  3. Ask for a follow. Again, this may seem a little too pushy, but asking with an incentive will help you grow your followers, which will give you more reach. By adding an incentive, you are showing people that following you will lead to good things for them. You should definitely highlight the exclusive content and incentives if you are asking for a follow.
  4. Ask for a reply. One of the simplest, most effective calls to action is to ask for a reply. This gets you that response you want. You can always ask open-ended questions and provide an incentive to respond. Suddenly, you’ll find yourself engaging with a lot of people. When you are responding to replies, make sure to be conversational, and get personal. People like to feel like they are talking to other people, not a company.
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  • Tracey Gray McDonald

    Very valuable advice, especially when engaging volunteers to act in support of a cause or event utilizing the versatile reach of Twitter. Great information! Thank you.

  • John Jacobs

    This is some POWERFUL information Thank you so much for sharing I’m putting this to ACTION right now…