The Number 1 Factor that Keeps Small Businesses from Thriving-

A lack of vision? No.

Not knowing how to market? No.

A lack of employees? No

A lack of organization? BINGO!

Most small business owners possess vision and skill. If they lack marketing know how-they can always learn. If they need more help, they can find that as well. What they really lack is an organizational system which can cut costs, save time, and streamline their business operations. One place to store their invoices, create cash ledgers, host documents, and basically-run their business! I always thought about how cool it would be if some company actually came up with something to help keep small businesses organized. The ideal small business office online! (Big franchises always provide all their franchisees with this type of infrastructure. They want them to have an edge in their individual businesses and they know that this type of a system is key.)

I didn’t think anything like this existed for small businesses until I saw  This is not an ad for this company, but I giving them great kudos for providing small businesses with much needed online infrastructure. And get this…they provide FREE accounting software and 24/7 tech support. Originally a UK company, they have just bought their services to the US.

For years, I have been juggling my own accounts with Quicken and trying to keep my documents organized. I often dreamed of an online virtual office that could combine my paypal invoices and help me setup my books (sans the annoying FAQ page). I even thought about paying a few developers to custom build one for me. Luckily, I now have WinWeb and am spreading the message loud and clear.

If you are an independent professional or a small business owner who wants to get organized for good- check out this service at If you are a fellow small business blogger- be sure to get the word out to your readers about this fantastic resource as well. On that note, I would love to read what the following bloggers have to say about such a service for small businesses:

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  • Callie Micks

    Thank you so much for the recommendation. I feel like I’m pretty organized, but I have so many different files it’s hard to keep them all current. I’ll definitely check this service out.

  • Shama

    Hey Callie,

    You are most welcome. WinWeb is a small business dream come true. I am sure you will be happy!