The New and Improved Facebook

By: Erin Connolly

In an attempt to make Facebook more business friendly and broaden demographics, the website has been taking notes from fellow social networking site, Twitter.

It has given itself a makeover with emphasis on the new “What’s on your mind?” feature. What used to be the space for a person’s “status” during the day, has become an area that one can put pretty much post whatever they’d like, and display whatever is “on their mind” at the time. This feature is very similar to Twitter’s entire concept, which is to post in 140 words or less “What are you doing?” In fact, Facebook’s wording allows for even broader responses.

Basically, it is a giant step toward expanding the purpose of Facebook entirely.

The original Facebook wasn’t so much about getting a response from your friend the second you posted something on their wall, or knowing exactly what he or she is doing every minute of the day. It was more about checking up on what they’ve been doing lately, and staying aware of any significant life changes like an engagement. Now, however, it is rapidly moving towards the idea of being constantly connected with people in your life, and staying updated on their every move.

After logging on to Facebook, you will find an explanation of what you’re looking at, and why your “News Feed” has changed. The site explains that you are looking at “a real-stream of posts from your friends and connections.” In other words, you will be updated on any action your friends make on Facebook at the exact time they do it. It actually is not much different from the “News Feed” we’ve become accustomed to, aside from the greater emphasis on “What’s on people’s minds,” which in itself, has the power to change Facebook. This minor change of wording hints at where Facebook is headed: to becoming the leading social networking site, and the only one you will need.

To further its efforts of becoming the sole social networking site, Facebook has introduced a new feature, which will make it easier to connect with people you otherwise wouldn’t know. “Public Profiles” is the newest addition to Facebook that gives users the option of making their profiles open for any Facebook member to view. This will allow users to connect and share with more people if they choose to do so. This is only an option, and no one will be forced to make their profile public. Facebook has always been adamant about allowing you to pick who sees your profile, what features they can view in your profile, and who can even search you on Facebook. Their privacy controls let you choose “exactly what you share with whom.”

Early adapters to this application will be mostly businesses. It will allow stakeholders and those who are just curious about the company to easily learn more about it, and it will offer a more personal touch than the company’s website can.

To make a profile public go to the profile privacy settings page and change any of the following setting to “Everyone”:
• Profile
• Status Updates
• Links
• Wall Posts
• Basic Info
• Personal Info
• Education Info
• Work Info
• Photos of You
• Videos of You

With the new set-up and growing features of Facebook, it is going to be hard for any other social networking site to keep up. By reaching out to businesses and older demographics, Facebook is becoming an online powerhouse that will be the one-stop spot for any of your social networking needs. If you haven’t started marketing your business on Facebook-start now.

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