The 5 Most Common Internet Marketing Mistakes

By: Shama Hyder

1) Creating a website but not proactively driving visitors to it.

I see this all the time. VERY smart business owners will create a great looking website and then “hope” that their clients will find them. Location is nothing when it comes to the online world. Yes, your domain name matters. But, that’s all. Otherwise, the playing field is leveled. If you build a website, make sure you are driving traffic to it. You can do so using online methods (i.e., search engine optimization, pay per click, etc.) and off line methods (encouraging people you meet to check out your site).

2) Not capturing visitor information.

You don’t have to offer an eZine or an online newsletter, but do capture visitor information in some form or fashion. Most visitors (many qualified prospects!) will never come back to your website. There is too much to do, see, hear. Websites are going up just as you read this. Make sure you find a way to keep in touch with the people who stop by.

3) Not playing with the website.

I met a guy last week (let’s call him Joe) who told me: “I have a website. I put it up in 1995! Haven’t changed it since.” This guy was really proud of himself. Don’t be Joe. Make sure you keep playing with the website to keep it looking sharp. Make sure it is doing its job.

4) Not following-up!

One, make sure people can contact you from your website. Yes, this is a no-brainer, but you would not believe how hard it is to find contact information for some folks online-or maybe you can believe it. Second, when someone contacts you, follow-up. Sometimes people put it off until later (and then forget), or are just plain nervous. No amount of marketing will help you if you don’t follow up and close the sale.

5) Thinking of their website as just an “online presence.”

This is another common mistake. I often hear people say: “Yea, I have a website. It’s so important to have an online presence these days.” But, your website should be MORE than your presence. If you are going to purchase the domain name and hosting. If you are going to build it-then let it be a marketing tool for you! Don’t put up a website just for the sake of online presence. Leverage it as an excellent marketing tool.

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  • Fahad

    Pretty common knowledge that most internet marketers should be aware of but thanks for sharing :)


  • drury bynum

    I agree. As a website designer, I’m constantly adressing folks who think that once they get a site, then they can sit back and wait for traffic. I think it’s a holdover from the early web days. It’s hard to explain that their site is a living thing that needs attention!

  • Shama

    Hi Fahad,

    It’s not meant for Internet Marketers. I sure hope they know this!

    This is for professionals looking to market online.

    Thanks for the comment!

  • Mark Salinas

    Excellent advice! It seems like common sense yet so often people need to be reminded. Good Post!

  • Shama

    Hey Mark,

    Of course it’s common sense to someone like you who is doing it all right! = )

  • Pamela Slim

    Common sense is rarely common practice!

    I am guilty of this on my “regular” website. I can’t wait until I finish my book so I can integrate the blog/website in a beautiful WordPress template. :)

    Rock on sister — keep on keeping people straight!


  • Stephanie LH Calahan

    S –
    Great basic comments for people that need a different perspective on the net. I am consistently amazed at the business owners I talk to that don’t take the web seriously at all. In fact, many think of it as a “bother.”