Published on 26th Nov, 2008 in Online Marketing

Thanksgiving Recipe for Social Media Marketing Success

By: Shama Hyder While I gather the items to cook a thanksgiving feast tomorrow, I started thinking about how all great dishes require a great recipe. Not unlike marketing. : ) Here is a recipe for Social Media Marketing Success- 1 cup authenticity (no substitutes allowed) 1 liter of transparency (buy the professional brand if you can) 1 pound of open communication (the main ingredient!) 2 cups of solid value adding content (your choice of brand) 1 jar of fresh blog posts (you can setup buy your blog at the local Word Press market). 2 Tablespoons of Courage 3 Tablespoons of Facebook 2 Tabelespoons of Twitter 1 Tablespoon of Linked-In A pinch of good luck Bake 360 days a year for a solid community. Sprinkle with gratitude. Enjoy! ; )