VP, Social Media & Influencer Marketing

"Social media has made our world smaller, giving everyone an opportunity to tell their story. Share yours."

Francisco is an experienced educator, speaker, and marketing executive with a background in developing, implementing, and directing comprehensive marketing and communication strategies. Leveraging his 15+ years of experience as a Director of Operations and Logistics, Director of Marketing, Social Media Administrator, and Social Media Agency Owner, Francisco leads the MZ social team to build deliver tailored social media and influencer marketing solutions that meet individual business needs. From building brand social media strategies, to crafting just the right post for a social ad campaign, Francisco is passionate about bringing the social back in social media. He is devoted to building relationships the old-fashioned way – by listening, caring, and putting in the time to build lasting relationships.

As Vice President of Social Media, he leads the charge of attracting attention to MZ’s clients’ products and services, helping strangers easily become consumers (of great content), then keeps them engaged and informed until they are ready to make a purchasing decision. Francisco attracts, informs, connects and adds value to clients’ real and potential customers. He ensures the social amplification of the clients’ great products and services is top-notch, and lets the amplification do the converting.

As Vice President of Influencer Marketing, Francisco focuses on using key leaders to drive brand messaging to the larger market by helping brands locate and communicate with relevant influencers who already have a brand’s target demographic’s attention and trust. Leveraging this attention and trust, Francisco helps brands secure agreements with industry influencers to promote their products and service in an organic way. This approach is highly effective as it boosts growth, reach, and ultimately drives sales.

Francisco holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing from National University.

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