Talk Like an Online Marketing Pro- 10 Terms You Have to Know

  • SE- Search Engine. For example, Google is an SE.
  • SEM– Search Engine Marketing. A group of sales and marketing strategies used to increase website visibility online. Usually includes SEO and PPC.
  • SEO– Search Engine Optimization. Changing a website’s html code to increase its ranking on search engines.
  • PPC– Pay Per Click. Online advertising model where you pay for each click your website receives. Google’s PPC service is known as AdWords.
  • SEP– Search Engine Promotion. Another word for SEO.
  • Spider– An automated robot which crawls the web using links on web pages.
  • Spoof– Trying to fool or mislead a search engine. (Usually backfires and can get your website blacklisted).
  • Landing Page– The homepage of your website. This is where a visitor first lands.
  • SERP– Search Engine Results Page. If you search for a particular keyword and your website comes up 5th on the list, then your website is number 7 in the SERPs.
  • Conversion– A successful action by the visitor. This can vary from getting a visitor to buy your product to signing up for your newsletter. This is usually expressed in terms of a ratio. For example, you get a 100 visitors per day, and 10 of them end up purchasing your product. This would be a 10% conversion rate.
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