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  • The 3 Secrets to Making Your Marketing Content Go Viral, Backed by Research

    It’s no wonder that marketers are, shall we say, a little obsessed with finding the secret formula to making their content go viral – after all, the more eyes that land on that content, the better, and viral content can reach millions in a very short period of time. If you do a Google search for “how to make content go viral,” you’ll see that a slew of major online publications have written pieces on the subject, from The Huffington Post to Mashable. Even Scientific American has gotten in on the act, performing research studies to determine just what exactly it is that triggers a viral sharing craze. As pretty obsessive marketers ourselves, we comb through every new piece of research on the subject of going viral – so we thought, why not compile everything we know from our own experience and from our research, and share it with you? So here you have it – the three ultimate secrets to making your marketing content go viral, backed by scientific research! 1. Know your audience. The most important key to making a piece of content take off is to make sure that it’s targeting the right people in the right…

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  • Why You Should Pay Attention To ‘That Reddit Website’

    Why your company should be keeping tabs on ‘The Front Page of the Internet.’ Staying ahead of the curve when it comes to digital trends is one sure way to get ahead in the marketing world. For instance, using popular memes as a fun way to get your message across or being the first to share information about a hot industry trend with your audience are both great ways to engage your customers and build up a great rapport. Unfortunately, being the first one to jump on a trend before it goes viral is very hard. (Almost as hard as trying to think up your own funny image or video in hopes of it going viral.) If only there were a place on the internet that collected genuine, topical content which could be sorted through based on the how worth-while different users thought the content was. Enter Reddit. Reddit’s tagline says it all―”The front page of the Internet.” In 2012 alone, the website earned 37 billion page views (with 400 million unique visitors). And their most popular post of the year? A personal Q&A session (better known on the site as an AMA―Ask Me Anything) with the President himself, Barack…

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