Twitter Marketing

  • 7 Helpful Stats You Can Gather With Twitter’s New Analytics Tool

    New Twitter analytics tool offers helpful metrics for brands and businesses. There is no doubt that Twitter is a major part of a business’s social media marketing strategy. For instance, according to statistics from the website, 35% of consumers that follow a brand on Twitter are more likely to purchase from that brand. Twitter users are also 47% more likely to visit a company’s website and 35% more likely to retweet content from a brand that they follow on Twitter. However, despite how influential Twitter can be in your overall digital marketing strategy, it has always been very difficult for businesses to get specific statistics and figures about the impact that their tweets have on their followers… until now. Twitter has recently rolled out a new analytics tool that will help both small and large businesses track their Twitter engagement and marketing activities across the platform. With this new service, brands will be able to see helpful metrics such as how many times their tweet has been favorited or retweeted, how many people replied to a specific tweet, and even which type of content is most popular with their followers. How To Access Twitter Analytics The Twitter analytics tool can…

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  • How To Get The Most Out Of Your Twitter Hashtags

    Using hashtags to further your businesses Twitter marketing campaign. In the world of social media, it is not simply enough to create a profile page or account for your business in hopes of reaching out to clients and furthering your online marketing efforts. Instead, you must take advantage of the many elements and features that these sites offer as a way to help your company create a unique identity for itself, while also connecting with your audience in a way that you are unable to do through traditional marketing. If you already have a Twitter account that is dedicated to your business, there are several tools that you can incorporate into your existing social media strategy to improve your engagement among readers and also increase your Twitter following. One of the best ways to do this is by using hashtags. Designated by a number sign (#) at the start of a word or phrase, a hashtag is a Twitter feature that helps to spread information among different Twitter profiles, while also helping to organize it throughout the entire website. Twitter users also will use hashtags within tweets as a marketing tactic during certain promotions or events. Research has also found…

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