• Happy Birthday Twitter! Looking Back At Our Employees’ First Tweets

    In honor of Twitter’s 8th birthday today, March 21st, 2014, the popular social media company is getting just a little bit nostalgic. While Twitter itself may spending it’s birthday looking back at all of the amazing changes and growth that has occurred within their company over the last few years, they are also inviting Twitter users to get in on the fun by looking back on their own past and revisiting their first Tweets. With more than 500 million Tweets now being sent each and every day by nearly 240 million active Twitter users, it’s fun to take a look back and see the personal Tweets that kicked off our own Twitter journeys. (Hopefully they’re not TOO embarrassing!) To jump in on the Twitter fun, and in honor of Twitter’s 8th birthday, today we are looking back at our own employees’ first Tweets at The Marketing Zen Group: Shama Hyder, CEO Attending B5 Media Sessions at BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas! — Shama Hyder(@Shama) November 7, 2007   Arshil Kabani, Vice President What to do… what to do… — Arshil Kabani (@Arshil) November 29, 2008   Idan Shnall, Vice President of Search Engine Marketing has been ranked No. 230 on…

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  • When Tragedy Strikes, Tweet Responsibly

    Many of us remember the morning of September 11, 2001 vividly.  Depending on where you live,  you may have been driving in to the office and hearing  cryptic reports coming out of New York City about some kind of plane crash. But it didn’t take long for it to become clear that something really bad was happening as we all scrambled to get as much information as we could. News sites were overrun; many of them were simply crashing altogether. At times, several minutes went by with no new or updated information. So we waited. Fast forward to yesterday. Breaking news alerts start popping up: Explosions heard near the Boston Marathon finish line. But initially, there’s not much more information available. And much like during 9/11 several news sites weren’t loading including Next stop: Twitter — arguably the best source for breaking news. The dissemination of news through the media is a public service that we rely on to stay looped in to events impacting our lives and world. But advances in mobile technology coupled with myriad status sharing applications like Twitter have allowed an increasing number of individuals and maybe even your company’s social media manager to emerge…

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