• How To Use Tumblr To Market Your Business

    Tumblr is one of those social media channels that many businesses are on the fence about. Using Tumblr is not as key to a social media marketing strategy as using Facebook or Twitter, so most marketers focus their attentions elsewhere. But did you know that when it comes to web rankings, Tumblr’s popularity is right up there with Pinterest’s? As of right now, Tumblr hosts over 130 million blogs. 130 million! That’s almost twice as many blogs as WordPress hosts. And all those users are just the beginning – Tumblr gets 300 million unique visitors each month. Depending on the demographics you are trying to market your business to, the stats on Tumblr may hold even more good news for you: Around half of the users are under the age of 25. So, yes, Tumblr is definitely worth incorporating into your social media marketing strategy. But what’s the best way to do that? We’ve compiled a list of tips to guide you on your way. 1. Understand how it works. Tumblr is a complex creature – part blogging platform, part social media platform. While it hosts blogs just like WordPress, it also includes Facebook-type elements such as sharing, liking, following,…

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  • A Fresh look at Tumblr for Brands

    With this week’s announcement that Yahoo will purchase Tumblr for $1.1 billion, it may be a good time for brands to reevaluate how they can leverage the image-driven platform to reach their targets. If the marriage of the two companies is successful, then it’s likely that Tumblr will have the infrastructure to begin to expand their ad packages which until now have been largely experimental and focused on formats that meld nicely with the social/blogging site’s own aesthetic. For brands that have their eye on millennials — a group with which Tumblr has been highly successful — and that are savvy content builders, now is a great time to explore any new outreach opportunities using Tumblr that may have been back-burnered. And there’s certainly no shortage of opportunities. The latest numbers show that there are over 100 million blogs hosted on the site, generating 89 million new posts daily.  Users spend up to an hour and a half per day there and the site is listed by Quantcast as one of the top ten sites in the U.S. Brand success with Tumblr comes from the ability to create visually captivating content, centered around a theme described with short, well-written text….

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  • Social Media Marketing: Beyond Facebook and Twitter

    Although you’ve probably heard a lot about the benefits of Facebook, Twitter, blogging, and potentially even Google+ to your marketing efforts, they’re not the only sites and options out there. When it comes to online marketing, there are many other sites that could be worth exploring. Here are a few that we think could be potentially valuable. 1. Tumblr Tumblr is a quick and easy to set up blogging platform. An upside of Tumblr is that you can post content on it more frequently than you can on Facebook. The downside of Tumblr is that you can’t host your blog, and Tumblr’s servers aren’t the most reliable. When they go down, so does your content. Photos tend to perform better than other types of content on the site, which makes it a natural choice for those in the media or fashion industries. 2. Pinterest Pinterest is a social photo sharing website, based on the theme of a “virtual pinboard”. Users choose photos and “pin” (bookmark) them to theme-based “boards”. Pinterest was named one of the “50 Best Sites of 2011” by Time magazine. You might not think photo sharing sites work for your business or industry, but with a little…

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