• 12 Days of Christmas Day 12: Digital Equity

    Today is the last day of our 12 Days of Christmas giveaway – which means it’s your last chance to subscribe to Shama TV for a chance to win either a $25 Amazon gift card or our grand prize – the Amazon Fire HD tablet. Today our CEO, Shama Hyder, shares her last trend for 2016 – digital equity. A solid digital footprint will become a greater part of evaluation for companies. View the video to learn more and scroll down for a transcript. And please share with us your feedback about these trends for 2016 by telling us on social media – we’d love to hear from you. Transcript: Hey Zen Nation! Welcome to Day 12 of our 12 Day of Christmas giveaway. Hopefully by now you’ve already subscribed to Shama TV and you’re in the running, but if you want to, take a moment now and subscribe to Shama TV on YouTube, so you get your chance to win a $25 gift card and the grand prize: the Amazon Fire Tablet HD. Very exciting! My final trend for 2016 is: digital equity – how companies start to cultivate it, how it becomes an asset when they’re going to sell their companies…

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  • 12 Days of Christmas Day 11: Rise in Training and Education

    It’s Day 11 of our 12 Days of Christmas giveaway, so make sure you subscribe to Shama TV  for one of your last chances to win a $25 Amazon card or our grand prize – an Amazon Fire HD tablet! Today’s future trend is the rise in training and education. View the video below and scroll down for a transcript. Make sure you tune in tomorrow to catch the final digital trend for 2016. Transcript: Hey Zen Nation, Shama here! Welcome to Day 11 of our 12 Days of Christmas, where we share 12 trends for the future for 2016 as well as give you lots of gifts. Just a day left, so be sure to subscribe to Shama TV on YouTube so you can enter to win a $25 gift card every day, as well as our grand prize, the Amazon Fire Tablet HD. Trend number eleven is all about training and education – aka, companies realizing that they have to invest in training and education for their teams. The last few years we actually saw companies cut back somewhat on training and education programs but now we’re seeing the opposite. We’re seeing companies really start to do more, invest…

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  • 9 Trends In Social Media Every CMO Should Watch

    As digital business continues to evolve, the relationship between business and consumer is experiencing a radical change. Modern communication has blown away the barriers of what were once relatively static advertising media. The modern consumer is not just a passive recipient of marketing messages, but an active participant in a conversation with brands. As 2014 begins to wane, the trends in online marketing are clear. Here’s a look at the biggest happenings in the digital marketplace. From Fad To Necessity For those digital stragglers, the reality is clear: social media is no longer an option. It’s a marketing necessity. Love it, hate it, it’s a force to be reckoned with. The trend continues to gather momentum. 92%[1] of business owners claim that social media is important to their enterprise, an increase from last year’s 86%. Social media and inbound marketing in general are taking more budget space from other, traditional advertising endeavors. But side by side with the ubiquity of social media marketing there exists the specter of ROI. Data flood, analysis, and aligning social media campaigns to larger business goals remain the bugbears of this still-emergent marketing medium. Mobile Moves In Almost 40% of time spent on the internet…

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  • Guest Post: Phil Simon on Cloud Computing

    In mid-2010, I started writing The New Small. I wasn’t sure about where my journey would take me, but I knew two things: I wanted to profile a wide range of technologies. I didn’t want to profile a bunch of tech companies. I was able to kill two birds with one stone when I came across a very progressive law firm based in Minnesota: Skjold-Barthel. The firm threw all of its data and apps into the cloud after some IT issues caused a number of problems, not the least of which was lost revenue. Brass tacks: the firm had to decide if it was in the law business or the IT business. It decided on the former and moved away from handling its on traditional IT needs. A cloud provider now handles that. In this post, Ben Skjold, the firm’s president, discusses the benefits and challenges of embracing cloud computing. The cloud has been everything we have expected. We have experienced increased efficiency in the office, but the true gain has been the remote access. Now, the attorneys and staff can work away from the office at nearly the same speed. Not only does this increase the speed of work…

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  • Time Spent on Social Media Sites is up 82% – Twitter and Facebook Lead the Pack

    According to a study by The Neilsen Company, consumers spent 5.5 hours on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter in December 2009. Just three years ago, the average consumer spent 3. Key points from the study – – The most popular online categories, in order of popularity, are: Social networks, blogs, online games, instant messaging. – Growth from Facebook (200%) and Twitter (368%)  trumped overall social networking growth. – Time spent on social media sites by an average US consumer went up 143% in a year. – US has the largest population of social media users (142.1 million), followed by Japan (46.6 million).