• Technology Connects Us: Please Consider Helping

    Social media marketing is all about creating connections, about building relationships between businesses and the people they serve. Behind each one of these businesses, of course, are also people – so on a very basic level, social media marketing focuses on bringing people together. The growth of any online community depends on the strength of the interactions between everyone involved – the people behind the business, and the people for whom their product or service fills a need. The more an online audience works as a true community, in which people help each other, the more successful it will be. The same is true in the real world. The more connected we are with our fellow man, with our community, the better off we’ll all be. The amazing thing is that technology now allows us to connect with people in even the most remote locations, so that when people are in need, it doesn’t matter where they are – we can help. Of course, there is the not-so-slight problem of logistics. A person or an organization can have all the good intentions in the world, but without the practical means of getting people and supplies to those remote areas –…

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  • Guest Post: Phil Simon on Cloud Computing

    In mid-2010, I started writing The New Small. I wasn’t sure about where my journey would take me, but I knew two things: I wanted to profile a wide range of technologies. I didn’t want to profile a bunch of tech companies. I was able to kill two birds with one stone when I came across a very progressive law firm based in Minnesota: Skjold-Barthel. The firm threw all of its data and apps into the cloud after some IT issues caused a number of problems, not the least of which was lost revenue. Brass tacks: the firm had to decide if it was in the law business or the IT business. It decided on the former and moved away from handling its on traditional IT needs. A cloud provider now handles that. In this post, Ben Skjold, the firm’s president, discusses the benefits and challenges of embracing cloud computing. The cloud has been everything we have expected. We have experienced increased efficiency in the office, but the true gain has been the remote access. Now, the attorneys and staff can work away from the office at nearly the same speed. Not only does this increase the speed of work…

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