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  • Is Social Recruiting the Key to Finding Quality Job Candidates?

    Not too many years ago, searching for candidates to fill an open job position meant hanging a “help wanted” sign on a storefront, or posting small blurbs of job descriptions in printed newspapers or trade publications. These job postings eventually moved to online forums as the Internet became mainstream, but the format was essentially the same. Today, however, companies have a new option: social recruiting. Using social media networks to recruit potential employees and fill open positions helps companies reach a large audience of job seekers. Not only that, but social recruiting can help your company sort through the crowd to find the quality, highly qualified candidates you want to hire. Why It Works It’s Where People Are Social networks were once considered the domain of teens and twenty-something students. With 901 million Facebook users, Twitter accounts numbering over 500 million, and more than 161 million users on LinkedIn, it’s getting more and more difficult to find someone without a social media presence. It’s hard to imagine a better way to reach the very potential candidates you’re looking to hire. Built-In Network for Referrals By reaching the large audience that social media provides, you increase your chances of getting your…

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  • 5 Minutes to a More LinkedIn You

    By: Shama I often get asked why I don’t write more about LinkedIn and how to use LinkedIn for business purposes. For all those who keep asking – and for the rest of us – here are five ways you can amp up your LinkedIn experience. Five minutes. Five steps. (Take that 30 minute meals! Someone get this girl a show!). Jokes aside – here are my tips. Minute 1 – Add 7 Descriptive Keywords to your Specialties Area. Think not only about your specialties within the industry – but also how people outside the industry may seek you out. For example, airline companies for the longest time bickered over the keyword “low airfares.” Until, someone (probably in the marketing department of course) discovered that people were looking for “cheap airfare.” Also, think globally and locally. Example: Search Engine Optimization but also Dallas SEO. Minute 2 – Add your LinkedIn Address to your Email Signature. Mr. Prospect may not decide to move forward now, but if they choose to connect with you on LinkedIn it makes it that much easier to stay in their periphery. Minute 3 – Pull your Twitter feed into your Profile. This is a debated topic….

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