• Apple Introduces New iPhone 6 and Apple Watch – Catching up with Android?

    I’m a huge fan of gadgets and cell phones, so a day of announcements from Apple is bigger than my birthday (now that I’m post-30, that’s easy to say). To be honest, I’m more of an Android guy, but nevertheless, I love new and innovative tech. So what did Apple announce today? iPhone 6: Brand new entry into their iPhone line, but this time with a 4.7” display. iPhone 6 Plus: The big brother, with a 5.5 inch display. Incredible size. Apple Pay: Use your phone with the TouchID button to make payments at retailers that use the payment sensor. Apple Watch: The worst kept secret at Apple, the Apple Watch aims to compete with Android Wear. Different sizes available with different wrist-bands to choose from. Apple usually innovates with new hardware launches. For example, the iPod revolutionized MP3 players, as the iPhone did with smartphones, and lastly, the iPad with tablets. With the Apple Watch, not so much since Android beat them to the punch – but we’ll have to wait and see what the user experience is like. I’m personally still sticking with the Android ecosystem, but there’s no doubt that these announcements from Apple are exciting. I’d…

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  • The Five Commandments of Mobile Marketing

    Even if you don’t own an iPhone, Android, or Blackberry, chances are at least one person in your home or office does – after all, 35 percent of American mobile phone owners possess one with smartphone capabilities. Beyond their normal calling and texting functions, most smartphone users consume data on a daily basis – through gaming, app downloads, and Internet browsing. If you haven’t started marketing to mobile users, you’re missing a major market segment. Following are five of our dos and don’ts of mobile marketing. Make your website mobile-friendly. You don’t want to make a smartphone user struggle to make your site appear in the right dimensions on their screen, especially when many other sites are already optimized for mobile viewing. Effective mobile sites take into consideration the average smartphone screen size, don’t overload the user with graphics and information, and don’t require horizontal scrolling or zooming. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile viewing, the user will quickly move on – potentially to one of your competitors with a more user-friendly mobile site. Keep it simple. Remember that whatever you’re asking your audience to do, they will be doing on a very small screen. You want them to…

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