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  • Why Personal Use of Smartphones Is Wrecking Your Business

    Today, we here at Marketing Zen are excited to bring you a blog post from contributing author Barry Moltz, nationally recognized author, speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur. The smartphone is the silent killer in any business. It keeps many companies stuck in neutral and prevents them from truly soaring to their potential. Most companies don’t enforce rules for smartphones that are being used for personal reasons during work hours. In my “Unstuck” survey of 5,000 small business owners, fifty-five percent revealed they have an informal policy and if people don’t abuse it, they do not enforce it. Only three percent actually ban these devices from work. Twenty percent of owners just throw up their hands and answered “You mean there is a choice?” Many managers see people using these phones on the job, but have a difficult time figuring out what they are doing that is business related. They know that using smartphones keeps employees distracted from effectively doing their best work, but feel powerless to do anything about it. They don’t want to intrude into their employees’ personal lives and realize how attached most of them are to their phones. However, they can’t help feeling this activity does not allow…

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  • 6 Apps That Can Help Small Businesses Compete Against the Big(ger) Guys

    Guest post by Jim Belosic, CEO of ShortStack One of the most awesome things about being a small business owner today is the number of apps that are available to help make running a business so much easier than it was just a few years ago. It used to be really difficult for many small businesses to compete, especially in the online space. Back in the day, circa 2008 or so, if you wanted a cool website, you’d have to shell out thousands of dollars to hire a designer/programmer. An e-commerce site could cost six figures! Then you’d need a bookkeeper, a point-of-sale provider, an attorney, and the list goes on. Not any more. Today you can build a website for free using WordPress, you can get an LLC set up for a couple hundred bucks with LegalZoom and you can use QuickBooks for bookkeeping. If you have a good idea, and use the right tools, your chances of success are so much greater. My philosophy is that if someone has built an app that is going to make it easier for me to run my business, I’m going to use theirs rather than build my own. I don’t host…

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