Search Engine Rankings

  • The Importance of Using “rel=author” For Your Web Content

    Google’s authorship program promotes enhanced search result listings. Over the last few years, Google has been taking a long, hard look at social media’s effect on personal and company branding, and have been working hard to add a more human element to search engine rankings and―the newest industry buzzword of the moment―author rankings. As Google slowly began implementing these changes into their search engine, they began to realize just how important social media is as an indicator towards evaluating the quality of a given website. To help reinforce the importance of credible authority and personal branding, Google introduced its authorship program into the world just a few years ago. This rel=author tag is used to rank web content that is written by real people, while also helping Google determine the authenticity of the content by verifying that it was written by someone who has credible expertise in the subject. Implementing the rel=author tag is relatively easy to do (you can follow Google’s step-by-step instructions) and it allows you to enhance the way that SERPs display your content on the web, while also helping to improve click-through ratings through enhanced search results. However, using the rel=author markup for web content is…

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  • The ABCs of Link Building for Solid Rankings

    Our top strategies for building quality links for search engine rankings. When it comes to building up your company’s brand and creating a solid, influential place for yourself on the web, it usually takes a lot more effort and energy than simply providing quality content and a solid business plan to bring an audience to your web page. In fact, there are a large number of outside factors that go in to gaining website views, from search engine ranking to interlinking. However, one avenue of digital marketing that many people often overlook is the task of link building. For search engines who are crawling across the web searching for quality content, link-based factors are a large portion of a search engines algorithm. Through links, these search engines are not only able to analyze the popularity of any given website, but can also measure important metrics such as spam, authority and trust. Link building itself is a simple term that refers to the process of getting external pages to link to your website. However, the task of link building is a much more difficult, time-consuming process. However, developing your link-building strategies for SEO and ranking purposes is a critical next step…

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