• Why You Need More than Content for Great Content Marketing

    Let me let you in on a little secret about content marketing: you need more than content to get the results your business needs. Of course, a smart content marketing strategy includes: A great website with content that delivers what customers and prospective customers want An active blog with posts that deliver valuable information that people want to read Social media campaigns with a good ratio of other people’s content vs. your content And, of course, content that isn’t solely focused on your products, and is actually being read or viewed by the target audience. But that isn’t enough to translate content marketing into sales. You also need a way to translate people’s enjoyment of your content into a desire for them to buy. What you need is to put the tried-and-true ACT Methodology into practice to turn your content marketing into a sales magnet. In her best-selling book, The Zen of Social Media Marketing, Shama Kabani explains it this way: A is for Attract. To attract means to get attention or stand out. In a practical sense, this means attracting traffic to your website—your main online marketing tool. C is for Convert. Conversion happens when you turn a stranger…

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  • Sales 2.0 – How to Use Social Media to Turbocharge Your Sales Cycle

    As anyone in sales or marketing knows, the sales process is more than a blunt approach with a single message; introducing yourself by immediately asking others to part with their money is not likely to win many customers. Instead, an effective sales process is one that guides potential customers through a journey that builds a relationship between them and your brand, eventually reaching a point of acquisition before cycling back again. In the past, this cycle was mainly initiated on a broad level through carefully crafted print or broadcast advertisements, and on a more focused level through direct interaction with a salesperson. Today’s sales and marketing teams, however, have a broad range of online marketing options at their fingertips, including one that can assist along every step of the sales process: social media. From announcing your brand to the world to closing sales and assuring future success, social media can be an incredibly effective tool throughout the sales cycle. For the sake of simplicity, we’re going to be using a slightly modified version of the AIDA process developed by marketing and advertising pioneer E. St. Elmo Lewis. Lewis broke the cycle down into four steps: Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action….

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  • Top 10 Metrics for Measuring Social Media Marketing ROI

    Feels good to be home! I just got back from a long speaking tour. First, I was in Nashville doing a keynote on social media for women Accountants and CPAs. Then, I was in Las Vegas for a keynote at the Direct Employers Conference. I spoke about social media for recruiters. After which, I spoke at the Conquer and Grow conference. It was the shortest presentation of my life – 10 minutes! Very TED like. But, I had a blast, and was forced to really sum up my points. Above is my presentation. Below are the main points. 3 Things to Keep in Mind When Measuring Social Media Marketing Success – 1.) Measure Quantitatively and Qualitatively: The quantitative is the numbers part of the game. Website visitors, Twitter Followers, Facebook fans, etc. This makes for very pretty charts, and cool case studies. The qualitative is what can’t be measured by numbers. It is essentially what is being said about you and your brand. Reputation management, anyone? 2.) Keep in Mind the Non-Linear Benefits of Social Media Marketing: Small and medium sized businesses alike have the same power afforded to bigger businesses. How? R&D.  Research and Development was never this quick…

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