reputation management

  • Think Reputation Management is Unimportant? Why You Might Want to Think Again

    For many executives reputation management is simply part of traditional PR. And they are wrong. Reputation Is An Invaluable Asset Corporate reputation is arguably the single most important non-corporeal asset a business posseses. The old days of word-of-mouth reputation are long gone – or, more true to say, have entered the digital landscape. Reputation Counts For More In Today’s Business Reality Formerly, reputation assessment was the stuff of focus groups and surveys, and tended to be directed toward products and services. And those tools are still important, for instance, in the food and beverage industries. But for most companies, the lag time associated with focus groups and surveys makes them cumbersome data generating tools. We live in a world radically transformed by communications media. This revolution has dilated time and condensed it simultaneously. We live in an era where a minute is longer and communication is expected to be instantaneous. A New Kind Of Consumer Reputation happens – it is a reality all business activity generates. That it is more important than ever before has to do with changing consumer behavior. A recent study of preferences in young professionals – an increasingly important influence in B2B sales – reveals that…

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  • How to Manage and Repair Your Online Reputation

    Know what people are saying about you. The biggest mistake when trying to manage your online reputation is to be totally oblivious of what your reputation even is. How do people see you? Are they saying good or bad things? Is there something embarrassing about you from 10 years ago floating around out there? If your answer is “I don’t know” then that’s bad. Go to your search engine of choice. Type in your name. Read everything. Do this regularly. If you find any really potentially harmful information about yourself, like a leaked Social Security number or other content that should be immediately removed, contact the owner of the site. If you do not get a response, a support team from the search engine should be able to help you have the harmful content removed. Be transparent. If you’re responding to a negative comment on Yelp on behalf of your business, make it clear that you’re responding on behalf of your business. Don’t try to pass yourself off as a satisfied customer, outraged that someone had a bad experience. You’ll come off looking even worse once people find out you tried to mislead them – and believe me, they’ll find…

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