• Go Ahead, Be A Show-Off: 7 Steps to Establishing Expertise on Quora

    If you’ve read our blog for very long, then you’ll know that one of the most important elements of online marketing that we advocate is thought leadership. In order for people to get to know, like, and trust you enough to do business with you, you’ve got to establish yourself as a leader in your industry by showing off your expertise. How do you do this? Every single aspect of your online marketing strategy should be working towards this goal, from the topics you address on your blog and in your email newsletters, to the guest posts you write for your outreach efforts, and from your conversations on social media, to the keywords you choose for SEO. Taking an active part in the conversations going on in your industry is the best way for you to demonstrate what an authority you are in the field – and attract potential customers. By sharing tips and answering questions in a helpful – and not salesy – way, people will come to see your company as their go-to resource when they need information about your industry. And when it comes time to buy, they’ll naturally think of your brand first. LinkedIn Groups is…

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  • How to Use Quora to Help Your Business

    Websites that allow you to pose questions to the internet at large have to be one of the both best and worst things web developers have given us. You can post the silliest, most random question—“What should I have for dinner tonight?”—and you’re bound to get a slew of answers, plus start an argument about the advantages of pizza with mushrooms versus pizza with spinach.