• Does your PR Agency Know How to Connect?

    “We need more people talking about us!” As a CMO, or PR director, how many times has someone at the top come to you and said those exact words? Did you immediately start to feel the heat? When an organization decides it needs PR representation or that their current PR strategy needs an overhaul, it usually starts with a desire to create more buzz. And many times, this desire is motivated by a positive article in the local news about a competitor, or a look at another company’s thousands of seemingly engaged Twitter followers eagerly and happily interacting with their brand online. THE GOAL Simply creating buzz should not be the end goal for ramping up PR efforts. In the past, the end goal of public relations for brands may have been limited to raising brand awareness, but as the digital age has caused a  major shift in how we satisfy consumer appetites, the goal of public relations, as with most all marketing disciplines, has evolved into a focus on building brand loyalty and fostering brand ambassadorship — and this can’t be accomplished by sending out a press release and landing a few stories. To connect, consumers want to “know”…

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  • Top 10 Metrics for Measuring Social Media Marketing ROI

    Feels good to be home! I just got back from a long speaking tour. First, I was in Nashville doing a keynote on social media for women Accountants and CPAs. Then, I was in Las Vegas for a keynote at the Direct Employers Conference. I spoke about social media for recruiters. After which, I spoke at the Conquer and Grow conference. It was the shortest presentation of my life – 10 minutes! Very TED like. But, I had a blast, and was forced to really sum up my points. Above is my presentation. Below are the main points. 3 Things to Keep in Mind When Measuring Social Media Marketing Success – 1.) Measure Quantitatively and Qualitatively: The quantitative is the numbers part of the game. Website visitors, Twitter Followers, Facebook fans, etc. This makes for very pretty charts, and cool case studies. The qualitative is what can’t be measured by numbers. It is essentially what is being said about you and your brand. Reputation management, anyone? 2.) Keep in Mind the Non-Linear Benefits of Social Media Marketing: Small and medium sized businesses alike have the same power afforded to bigger businesses. How? R&D.  Research and Development was never this quick…

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