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  • Drawing the Line Online: Business or Personal Social Media?

    The new Facebook Graph Search (a search feature being rolled out slowly to Facebook users that lets you draw connections between people, their profile information and their interests on Facebook) has again raised the question of separating personal and professional usage of social media. For some entrepreneurs, like Marketing Zen CEO Shama Kabani, a strong personal brand (268,342 Facebook subscribers, 30,000 Twitter followers, 500+ 1st degree LinkedIn connections) predates the development of a strong professional and business brand. In her best-selling book, The Zen of Social Media Marketing, Kabani writes that each social media user has to make a choice about how much separation (if any) they want between their personal and professional lives online. She says, “I resisted creating an official Facebook page for The Marketing Zen Group for a long time.  As the CEO, I wanted people to be able to connect with me personally. However, people start­ed “liking” The Marketing Zen Group without us even setting up a page for it. After 50 likes, it was obvious that the people had spoken. They wanted us to have a presence on Facebook. So we ‘claimed’ the company, and now have an official com­pany fan page as well.” But…

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  • Can Your Social Media Profile Be Both Personal And Professional?

    Blurring the lines between business life and personal life with social media. Back before the immense growth of the internet and social media, it was never too difficult to keep your business life separated from your professional one. Intense sport and political talk was reserved for passing moments around the water cooler, and live commentary of your favorite television sitcoms were reserved specifically for whoever was in the room with you at the moment. However, as we saw just last night following the first presidential debate, more and more people are turning to Facebook, Twitter or Google + in order to share their thoughts and opinions on everything from politics to pop culture references. And while this may a great platform to banter back and forth with friends or dive deep into the thoughts of your favorite celebrities, where should you draw the line when your business and personal social profiles are one in the same? The main idea behind social media for business it to engage one-on-one with fans and followers, while also creating a company brand that encompasses your goals and objectives as a business. However, behind every company Twitter or Facebook account lies an employee―whether it be…

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