• 5 Easy Ways to Improve your Marketing Department

    For any CMO, it’s vital that you continually enhance your marketing department when and where possible, ensuring that it operates as effectively and efficiently as possible. While your department handles the smaller details, you’re tasked with the big picture; details pertaining to the bottom line. Unfortunately, it’s not always wise to concentrate so much on the bigger picture that you lose sight of the smaller ones. At times, there are issues you can miss; issues that can dramatically reduce your marketing expenses once corrected. Here are 5 easy ways to improve your marketing department and reduce your marketing expenses at the same time. 1. Invest in a Responsive Website Medium-sized and large companies pride themselves on their high-impact websites. Moreover, they complement these websites with mobile variants as well. However, when they need to make changes to their websites, they usually have to make changes to each version; a relatively costly marketing expense. If you want a high-impact site that is cost-effective, simply switch to a responsive website. A responsive website uses a fluid grid to scale the elements on the page. As a result, the changes made to the template will echo to the other variants of the page,…

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  • Should You Consider Outsourcing Your Business’ Marketing Campaign?

    Maybe your company has realized the importance of a strong marketing campaign to help bring in new customers, doesn’t have a marketing department of its own. Or maybe your marketing “department” is really a team of one, and your company is ready for a campaign that requires a bit more manpower. Either way, you have decisions to make. On one hand, you could try to work with what you have. On the other, you could hire employees to get the job done. Or there’s a third choice: outsource your marketing. Outsourcing your marketing can be a great option for many companies who understand the importance of a powerful marketing campaign, but for whatever reason don’t have the resources to do it themselves. Here are some of the benefits that companies can realize from outsourcing their marketing campaigns. Focus Your Energy Where it Needs to Be For companies without a marketing department, outsourcing your business’ marketing campaign allows employees to spend their time and energy focused on keeping their own departments running smoothly, instead of adding marketing responsibilities to their plates. Companies with marketing departments too small to handle the scope of the project can implement a full-scale campaign without pulling…

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