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  • How to Gain Creative Brand Exposure With Instagram

    When Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion earlier this year, many wondered whether the mobile photo app was worth the price it commanded.  But in the month that followed, Instagram exploded from a niche iOS photo-sharing social app to a platform on both iOS and Android devices that boasts over 100 million users. As the community grows and the application gains mainstream popularity, businesses are increasingly recognizing Instagram’s unique and creative visual features as a powerful asset to their social media marketing efforts.  Here are some tips to creating valuable content to help gain visibility and engage with fans on Instagram. Remember: Visual Interest is Everything There are countless services out there right now that allow users to store and share their images. What sets Instagram apart – and what has made it so popular – are the features that turn everyday snapshots into unique, interesting, and even artistic photography. On Instagram, the image doesn’t supplement the content; the image is the content. Users are largely interested in content with high aesthetic appeal. Don’t be afraid to play with lighting or perspective, or to make liberal use of the (appropriate) photo filters. Uninteresting content need not apply. Get Creative With…

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  • Bloodhound: The Perfect All-In-One App For Your Next Conference

    One of the hottest apps on the horizon! Trade shows and conferences are a great way to connect with a number of different people in your industry, while also providing you with the perfect avenue to promote your products and services to future customers. However, while these big conferences and events are supposed to be useful, inspiring and beneficial, they can often leave many exhibitors and attendees feeling flustered and overwhelmed once they finally arrive at the event. If you have ever attended a conference, as either an attendee or an exhibitor, than you may recognize some of these familiar occurrences―collecting hundreds of business cards that you either end up losing or never look at again, hectically walking across the trade show floor trying to locate a presentation that you don’t want to miss, or simply just fumbling around at the last minute trying to figure out the timeline of events that are happening while you’re there. Unfortunately, with the number of people attending these shows and the sheer number of talks, presentations and exhibits happening over the course of the event, it can be difficult to feel as though you are not missing out on something while you are…

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