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  • How Do You Find the Right Influencer for Your Brand?

    You know how you have that one friend who always gives you amazing movie recommendations? If he says you should see this new movie, you probably trust him implicitly – you just know he’s got great taste. But maybe this friend isn’t such a good source when it comes to, say, restaurants. Maybe, in fact, his taste in restaurants frankly sucks. Because of that, you don’t put much weight on any food recommendations he passes along your way. While you might not think of him this way, from a marketing perspective your friend with impeccable taste in film is an influencer. He’s someone whose opinion you trust, and a recommendation from him is probably more likely to encourage you to see a particular film than the best trailer that a production company can dream up. If you were to stick him online, he’d be the equivalent of a really talented, popular blogger whose movie-related posts get retweeted and shared like crazy – and, most importantly, get people to buy movie tickets. If you’ve been working in digital marketing long, you know how important influencers like him have become. In fact, they’ve become just as important as the other components of…

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  • 6 Signs That You May Not Have A Digital Marketing Strategy

    Is your company “doing without thinking,” or do you actually have a strategy? Many different businesses have their own internal strategies and initiatives set in place in order to support their company goals year to year. Some companies like to focus the majority of their efforts on improving their internal team, while others put their main focus on their products and services. These are the building blocks that help your company be successful and thrive as a business, whether you are selling products to consumers or providing helpful services to other thriving businesses. In addition to internal strategies, many business, both large and small, also have marketing strategies set in place in order to brand their company and connect further with their audience. Unfortunately, often times these strategies are not completely thought out and are set in place without ever thinking of long term goals or results. This kind of “doing without thinking” strategy is actually not much of a strategy at all. Here are six signs that you may not actually have a successful digital marketing strategy set in place for your business: 1. You Don’t Truly Know Your Audience When most people think of the term “audience” in terms…

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  • The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Business Marketing Efforts

    What are the advantages of using outside marketing for your business? When it comes to the growth and success of your company, there is perhaps no department that is more influential or integral than marketing. While sales, purchasing or production departments each play a large role in the overall grand scheme of company growth, each of them could not survive or flourish without the constant adjustments and refinements that are being made through marketing. Think about it―when it comes down to your company’s reputation, sales goals or overall image, marketing is what truly drives every department’s goals together as one cohesive loop. However, despite how important marketing is in the long-term, there is still a huge lack of understanding about just how it all works together and how important it is to the success of your business. In fact, because of the limited knowledge and resources that often surround each company’s marketing department, it is often the first area of business to suffer layoffs during difficult times. Often, companies will even do away with their marketing departments all together because they do not truly understand the importance of it. One way that company’s can retain the many benefits of marketing,…

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