How Businesses Can Now Generate Direct Leads Via Twitter

New Twitter lead generation feature means big things for businesses online. Generating leads has always been one of the single most important aspects of traditional marketing. Therefore, when small businesses began creating a marketing presence online, it only became natural to move these same lead generating tactics online as well to try and gather more information about their online audience. In fact, recent data collected by Infusionsoft found that over 60% of the site’s customers use social media channels like Twitter in order to generate quality leads for their company. However, moving traditional lead generation tactics online hasn’t exactly been the easiest task, especially when seeking out high quality leads and initiating follow up―until now. This week Twitter introduced new online Lead Generation Cards as a way for businesses to generate leads directly within a tweet. While Twitter Cards for promoted tweets have been a great way for followers to see featured multimedia content when they open up a company tweet, these Lead Generation Cards will take this idea one step further by being able to collect a Twitter user’s contact information (name, email address and Twitter username) all from a simple ‘Submit’ button inside of a Lead Generation Card….

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