• These Numbers Will Change the Way You Use Images in Online Marketing

    Of course you use images as a part of your online marketing strategy. Everyone does! Now more than ever, images are the deciding factors that determine whether or not your online audience will engage with a social media post, read a blog post, or even browse a website – and everyone knows it. What everyone doesn’t know, however, is how to choose just the right images to suit each marketing need, or even where to use images to best effect. Increasingly, the focus in digital marketing is measurable ROI, and the numbers truly do tell the story when it comes to image use. Blog Posts and Articles According to research done by Skyword, blog posts and articles containing images received, on average, 94% more views than those without images. 94%! That’s pretty convincing evidence for the necessity of including images in your blog. But which types of images are best at encouraging viewers to read a post? Relevance is vital, of course – if the photo doesn’t fit the topic well, then all you’ll do is get people to click – and then leave the page almost instantly in confusion. But in addition to relevance, the images you choose must…

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  • A Fresh look at Tumblr for Brands

    With this week’s announcement that Yahoo will purchase Tumblr for $1.1 billion, it may be a good time for brands to reevaluate how they can leverage the image-driven platform to reach their targets. If the marriage of the two companies is successful, then it’s likely that Tumblr will have the infrastructure to begin to expand their ad packages which until now have been largely experimental and focused on formats that meld nicely with the social/blogging site’s own aesthetic. For brands that have their eye on millennials — a group with which Tumblr has been highly successful — and that are savvy content builders, now is a great time to explore any new outreach opportunities using Tumblr that may have been back-burnered. And there’s certainly no shortage of opportunities. The latest numbers show that there are over 100 million blogs hosted on the site, generating 89 million new posts daily.  Users spend up to an hour and a half per day there and the site is listed by Quantcast as one of the top ten sites in the U.S. Brand success with Tumblr comes from the ability to create visually captivating content, centered around a theme described with short, well-written text….

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