Google Plus

  • How To Rank Higher on Google Without Even Trying

    Bet we reeled you in with that headline, didn’t we? Well, of course! Everybody is looking for ways to rank higher on Google, and if there’s a hack for that, then why not take advantage? Well, it may not technically qualify as a hack, but there is a new and as yet little-known way to rank higher on Google without really even trying very hard. It’s not a matter of intensive search engine optimization or hyperactive keyword use. It’s simply a matter of using Google Plus to its full potential. Yep, you heard right. (Or read right, anyway…) The secret lies in taking advantage of the way Google Plus works. An Experiment To get a feel for what we’re talking about here, open up a new tab and log out of your Google account right now. Don’t worry – we’ll wait for you. Now, search for something. Anything. Tony Romo. How to build a treehouse. Downton Abbey. Whatever tickles your fancy. Take a good look at the results. They look like your normal, average, everyday Google search results, right? OK, now log back into your Google account, and do the exact same search. Notice a difference? You should. You’ll notice…

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  • The Changing Look & Feel of Google+

    Two of the major social media networks – Facebook and Google+ — are rolling out significant changes this month in the way they look.  So far, most of the press has focused on Facebook’s changes.  We’ll be taking a look at those changes, but for today, we’re going to look at the major new visual improvements to Google+ profiles and pages. Google+ is the most important social media platform that most people never use. Even though there are over 625,000 new users on Google+ every day, and people press the Google +1 button five billion times per day, it can be hard to find someone outside of the pros at places like The Marketing Zen Group who visit the site regularly and know how to use it to its full potential. In fact, in a study conducted by Google, 70% of marketers said they need to learn more about Google+.  That would be great, except that Google’s survey was of the 40% of marketers who already have a presence on Google+.  That’s right: 70% of the marketers who are currently using Google+ told Google that they need to learn how to use it effectively. But whether you know a lot…

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  • Why Google Plus Matters For SEO

      Transcription of “Why Google+ Matters For SEO”: Shama: So, Idan, let’s talk about your favorite recent social networking site, because I know you’ve been drilling all of us here at the Marketing Zen Group, and our clients should really amp up their efforts with the infamous Google+ because a lot of people still haven’t figured it out. So tell me, what, why all of this importance on Google+, and from an SEO perspective, why are you so gung-ho about it? Idan: Well, personalized search has been a long coming. We always knew that it’s going to happen. We just didn’t know when. Even before Google+, we saw Twitter had a partnership with Google and you saw a bunch of tweets for specific keyword. Shama: I like that, yeah. Idan: Yeah, so Google definitely wants to be in the arena of social. I mean, you can get a lot of valuable data that you cannot really get all that much from just search and from just websites. Shama: So Google wants to pull in this data to better serve the users. From a website perspective, why should we care about our website in Google+? Idan: Well, one of the reason…

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