Google Analytics

  • 3 Great Tips For Getting Started With Google Analytics

    Google Analytics is an extremely important part of tracking visits to your company’s website. Once you’ve set it up, you will be able to use Google Analytics to gain insight  which will help you to improve customer service and increase profitability for your company. Measuring data about your website is part of the future of digital marketing, but it’s also part of the present. If you’re not using Google Analytics, you need to. Google Analytics can be extremely overwhelming to the novice user, however. When you first log in, the amount of data present seems to be almost useless because there’s so much. It is a struggle for beginner users to find the data that they want. Sometimes, searching for the specific piece of data you want seems to be more time-consuming than it should be. In order to cut the clutter and focus on the data that matters to you, the three steps below outline a general plan for people who want to access the benefits of online marketing and understand how to use Google Analytics to their advantage. Filter Irrelevant Traffic A lot of the data presented in Google Analytics isn’t relevant to what you need to understand….

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  • What’s The True Cost of SEO?

      Transcription of “What’s The True Cost of SEO?” Shama: Why is good SEO not cheaper? I mean really, why isn’t it that you can’t pay a few hundred bucks and have the web site top of the search engines and get traffic. What goes into that? Idan: It takes time and takes a lot of resources. When we are talking about content, when we are talking about a building a web site, when we are talking about bringing out links, when we are talking about branding your product, all these things take a very long time and you cannot achieve that with just $200 where you just pay this person. Shama: It is not one person. You have a team of six that you’ve got all these people who are doing all these things for you and so it’s not just one person. I mean you do this strategy obviously for our clients at Marketing Zen but you’ve got all these other people putting in the time and effort, but the cool thing is I think with SEO especially, the ROI is so transparent. I think even with social media you’ve to got to be able to look at…

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