Facebook Tips

  • The Biggest Social Media “Don’ts” For Businesses

    Be sure that your company avoids these common social media mistakes. It is no secret that social media is a large part of business marketing and promotion in this day and age. If you are a business owner who has yet to sign up for a Twitter account or create a Facebook page, not only are you missing out on an easy (and free) way of spreading the word about your business, but you are also ignoring the chance to develop meaningful relationships with your consumers that would otherwise not be possible. However, while the debate of whether or not your company should have a social media presence may be obvious, the question of how to best execute a successful, engaging approach that generates results is not as simple to answer. In fact, some companies are so determined to make a name for themselves online that they may actually be turning off their potential audiences with their actions While there are a number of social media “do’s” that you should learn and follow when setting up your corporate social media accounts, you should also understand the “don’ts” before jumping in to things. Sure, all companies make mistakes when they are…

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  • 6 Keys to Increasing Facebook Fan Engagement

    One of the biggest draws of Facebook – and of social media marketing in general – is the ability to help your message reach a huge audience of interested fans. But the real benefits come when your Facebook fan base moved beyond a group of passive receivers and becomes an engaged and interactive community. However, keeping follower engagement high is something that many on Facebook struggle with. Here are a few tips to keeping your Facebook Page followers engaged and interested. 1.    Ask Questions Good conversationalists know that asking questions is the best way to keep both parties interested and involved in the conversation. This is just as true in face-to-face settings as it is in social media contexts. By posing questions to your Facebook followers, you are both inviting engagement and giving them a prompt to help them get started. The key is to ask questions that your fans will care enough about that they’ll take the time to answer. Questions that ask for feedback, ones that allow fans to fill-in-the-blank, and ones that require an either/or response are often quite effective. 2.    Be Relatable Fans may want to learn more about you and what you have to offer…

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