• 9 Ingredients Every CMO’s Recipe Needs For Success in 2015

    A pinch of social media, a dash of SEO, and few tablespoons of content. We all know the basic recipe for online marketing success. But 2015 has brought with it some interesting tweaks to the recipe, which are vital for CMOs to incorporate into the mix, if they want to end up with the perfect digital marketing dish. In our infographic below, we detail the most important changes in the 2015 recipe – bon appetit! Please feel free to post this infographic on your site. Click on the code below to copy and paste it to your site. By

  • The 2 Ideas that Will Change Marketing in 2015

    The year 2014 is nearly over, and it’s time once again for marketing experts and business experts to predict the hot marketing trends of the new year. The overwhelming number of predictions, lists, and must-do action items can dampen any CMO’s holiday spirit. But not yours. Thanks to Marketing Zen’s analysis, you can be prepared for 2015 marketing trends if you keep these two principles in mind. All the predictions, crystal balls, and marketing forecasts boil down to two simple principles that, if you keep them in mind, will give you the edge you need for your 2015 marketing success. 1. Personalization Probably the hottest new word in marketing for 2015 will be personalization. The brand, the product, the message, and the delivery will be personalized for success. A brand becomes increasingly personal through its digital marketing voice. Over 2015, brands will continue to showcase their personality through the marketing message. The customers will increasingly connect with the brand as a personality, and wise marketers will capitalize on that trend. Successful brands will communicate this personality through thoughtful or quirky photos, “behind the scenes” shots of the people behind the products, and user profiles highlighting the brand’s influence. They may…

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  • The CMO’s Guide To Creating An Editorial Calendar for a Blog

    Strategy. It’s what a CMO is all about. From coming up with the blueprints for your company’s email marketing efforts to developing an overarching social media marketing plan, the buck stops with you when it comes to that all-important big picture. Not only must you create a unique strategy for each channel of online marketing, you also have to keep in mind how they all fit together into your organization’s master marketing plan. One way to make the process easier is to center as much of your digital marketing strategy as possible around one channel. Hence the increasing focus on content marketing in the business world – using a blog as the anchor and centerpiece for your entire online marketing strategy just makes sense. Blog posts can contain SEO keywords to draw search traffic, can be shared on social media, can be used for outreach, and can be sent via email. Once a solid plan is in place for the blog, the other aspects of online marketing fall into place easily. The challenge then is keeping all these moving pieces in mind while crafting a blog strategy. What’s the best way to ensure that you hit every single mark you…

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  • MZ Weekly CMO News Round-Up: 10/24/14

    CMO News: On Thursday, published an interview with Kiip founder Brian Wong. Kiip, a mobile advertising app aimed at real connections rather than simple ad-blasts, hopes to redefine the marketing game. A brilliant student, Wong received his Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia at the mere age of 18. With this knowledge, he has reminded all marketers that, especially in the digital age, respecting the consumer goes a long way in establishing trust and guaranteeing repeat customers. By linking advertisements to mobile gaming activity, Wong has created an app that features achievement over objectiveness. By targeting the moments in which gamers reach a new level, Kiip, and marketers using it, capitalizes on the happiness that users receive once they attain a personal record. Individuals across all demographics engage in mobile gaming; so, this strategy does not root itself into the younger generation, either. Wong and Kiip are bringing the marketing game back to marketers in a new and exciting way. For more information on Kiip, check out their website. Events: Slamming together technology and marketing, Ad:Tech New York is right around the corner. Held from November 5 – 6 at the Javits Center in New York,…

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  • MZ Weekly CMO News Round-Up: 10/17/14

    Female CMOs: What challenges do companies face? When polled on the problems B2B organizations encounter, 16 women from various industries answered this question, and each provided distinct answers that help paint a picture of the future of business. Their responses ranged from simplicity to emotional connection. But overall, discipline and personalization are the most difficult strategies to solidify and to maintain. Data pours into any B2B company, and it’s up to employees to filter this information and apply it appropriately. This task, though seemingly simple, becomes most important when building a brand and remaining consistent across markets. Making your brand accessible and understandable amongst all of your customers is certainly problematic, especially once you remember that you have to somehow add a personal touch. Although the solutions to these issues aren’t easily articulated, paying attention to them allows your company to devote additional resources and focus to these complicated areas of business relations. Events: DMA 2014 is fast approaching! The global data-driven marketers event is sponsored by Adobe, and it offers a fantastic networking opportunity for every CMO. There are already over 200 exhibitors signed up for the event, and registration is still open. The event will be held from…

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  • MZ Weekly CMO News Round-Up: NBA and GSMI

    Female CMOs: Women CMOs have been making significant progress lately. Although they only make up 19% of all CMOs, women have started making impacts in male dominated industries. For example, over the summer, the NBA hired Pamela El as their CMO. Despite including the WNBA, the NBA, as an organization, doesn’t always have the best standing with women. It seems that the league might be trying to remedy these wrongs with El’s hiring. Not that she doesn’t deserve it; she most certainly does. El served as the VP of financial brand marketing for Nationwide Insurance prior to landing her spot at the NBA. She likely had a hand in that catchy jingle that pops into one’s head after simply reading “Nationwide Insurance.” Stay focused on marketing moves that the NBA makes in the future, as they are in good hands with Pamela El. Events: From October 21 to October 23, GSMI will be hosting its Digital Marketing Strategies Summit at The Westin in San Diego, CA. The event is a great opportunity to learn more about digital optimization in marketing and fostering your company’s character online. Registration is still open on the Summit’s website. Marketing Tip: Marketing personalization has become…

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  • 9 Trends In Social Media Every CMO Should Watch

    As digital business continues to evolve, the relationship between business and consumer is experiencing a radical change. Modern communication has blown away the barriers of what were once relatively static advertising media. The modern consumer is not just a passive recipient of marketing messages, but an active participant in a conversation with brands. As 2014 begins to wane, the trends in online marketing are clear. Here’s a look at the biggest happenings in the digital marketplace. From Fad To Necessity For those digital stragglers, the reality is clear: social media is no longer an option. It’s a marketing necessity. Love it, hate it, it’s a force to be reckoned with. The trend continues to gather momentum. 92%[1] of business owners claim that social media is important to their enterprise, an increase from last year’s 86%. Social media and inbound marketing in general are taking more budget space from other, traditional advertising endeavors. But side by side with the ubiquity of social media marketing there exists the specter of ROI. Data flood, analysis, and aligning social media campaigns to larger business goals remain the bugbears of this still-emergent marketing medium. Mobile Moves In Almost 40% of time spent on the internet…

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  • MZ Weekly News Round-Up: CMO Edition

    Today we bring you our first CMO Roundup with news for and about CMO’s worldwide. We were inspired last week, when Ad Age held its CMO Strategy Summit. Bringing together senior marketers from across the country, this conference, and the discussions that happened at it, revealed a lot of things about the industry as it now stands. Female CMO’s: According to only 19% of all CMOs are women. However, the 19% have surely left their mark and deserve to be recognized as outstanding talent. Beth Comstock, CMO of GE said: Taking this to heart, female CMO’s are getting recognized for their talents, passion and drive as well as their experiences. Laura Dunn interviewed CMO Donna Josephson for her series “Women in Business” this week. When asked what her advice for women in marketing, Mrs. Josephson said: “Not one marketing idea or program will ever survive without cross-functional support.” Recognizing the need for multiple departments, roles and support elements and even outsourcing projects to agencies and help. She isn’t the only female CMO that made headlines this week. In an unprecedented move, the NFL appointed Dawn Hudson as the new CMO for the National Football League. Ms. Hudson is thrilled…

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