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  • Facebook Marketing Gold: New Call-to-Action Buttons For Ads and Posts

    Well, that was nice! Facebook may have lessened online marketers’ organic reach by changing their algorithm, but they’ve given us a nice little treat to make up for it, by enabling the addition of call-to-action buttons to ads and organic posts. Any salesperson who’s been around for even a little while knows the old sayings – “Ask for the sale,” and “Always Be Closing.” In the realm of online marketing, being salesy according to old sales standards isn’t productive – but some of the same principles still do apply. The fact remains that if you ask someone to do something, they are much more likely to do it. Just as asking for the sale prompts a customer to take action, asking them to “click here” or “sign up” prompts them to do just that. That’s why blogs and social media posts and landing pages the world over have calls to action strategically worked into their copy. And that’s also why those little call-to-action buttons are so effective at driving conversions. For Facebook to add this option for marketers is huge. Just think of the possibilities! It’s just as useful for B2B Facebook marketing as it is for B2C Facebook marketing…

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  • 4 Crucial Elements of a Great Blog Post

    Blogging is rarely as easy as it sounds. The challenge lies in creating an effective post that people will read, love, and share, and it’s often hard to know where to begin. Your blog can be a key part of your online marketing plan, but only if it’s giving you the results you want. While there is no magic formula that will guarantee a successful blog post, these four crucial elements will give you a strong foundation from which to build.   1.    The Attention Grabbing Title Your blog post’s title is your first chance at making an impression. In fact, studies show that while 8 out of 10 people will read a title, only 2 of those 10 will read the post. No matter how wonderful and groundbreaking your blog content may be, a bland and boring title will likely result in the post being glanced at and summarily dismissed. A post’s headline can tell readers, “Hey, check me out! I’m fabulous, interesting, and important!” Or it can mumble something, stare at the ground, and blend unnoticed into the background. A strong blog post title should tell the reader exactly what they should expect to learn, and how reading…

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