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  • 4 Reasons To Include Yelp In Your Digital Marketing Strategy

    This user review site can greatly influence your relationship with consumers. There are many different social platforms out there that businesses know they should be paying attention to in order to increase exposure and connect with their audience―Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, etc. However, one multi-dimensional social media site that often gets overlooked when crafting a company’s overall digital marketing strategy is Yelp. When most people think of Yelp, they simply think of user reviews. While this isn’t incorrect―Yelp has one of the highest volume of reviews and comments among other review sites―this site offers so much more than that for businesses who want to further their relationship with customers and grab the attention of a wider audience. In fact, more than 70% of buying decisions by consumers are now informed by online reviews. Given the fact that Yelp has over 60 million registered users and over 20 million reviews posted on the site, it is fair to say that Yelp remains a prevailing website for hosting these active consumers.  If these figures were not convincing enough, here are four more reasons why you should include Yelp in your overall digital marketing strategy. 1. Gathers Helpful Feedback Review sites such…

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  • The Importance of User Review Sites for Businesses

    Sites like Yelp or Google Places can greatly benefit your business in many ways. Gone are the days where the primary means of reaching out to new clients and sharing your company message was done through traditional marketing and advertising. The growth of the internet has completely shifted the ways that we look at sharing and receiving content, especially when it comes to what your customers truly think of your business. For many years now, technology has shifted the way that consumers research and purchase goods and services online. However, consumers are also taking to the internet to provide feedback on a number of different companies all with the single click of a button. Not to mention, with a simple Tweet, Facebook update or a short review on, these reviews have the possibility to reach thousands of potential customers all with a single comment. By utilizing citation sites, customers are also able to honestly rate and review your company’s goods and services. Unfortunately, many businesses see this aspect of user review sites as a negative resource. (What if the review comes from an angry or dissatisfied customer?) However, in actuality, review sites such as or Google Places can…

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