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  • The Complete B2B LinkedIn Marketing Guide

    When it comes to B2B marketing, it’s all about expertise. You want to demonstrate to your target audience that your company is the leader in your field, the go-to resource for industry wisdom and experience – in a word, the expert. And sure, you can accomplish this through strategic marketing of the company itself – but positioning your business as an expert is a lot easier when you can point to the expertise of each of your employees as individuals, as well. What it boils down to is this: Your company’s employees each need personal brands. The combined strength of each of their brands will augment your company’s brand and cement your position as the leader much more quickly than simply marketing the company alone. The key is to let the company brand flavor each individual’s personal brand, so that they integrate harmoniously. Shama talks a lot about the importance of a personal brand – and luckily, it doesn’t have to be complicated to create one. In fact, you and your team probably already have the beginnings of one in place: your LinkedIn profiles. But for the purposes of creating personal brands and marketing your B2B business, you’ll need to…

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  • B2B Digital Marketing Shocker: The New Way Businesses Shop Online

    It’s common knowledge that the way consumers shop has been dramatically changed by the internet. The ability to research products and services online, comparison shop from the comfort of home, and buy with the click of a mouse – without ever speaking to a salesperson – has forever altered the way we think about and approach shopping. B2C businesses have adapted to this new reality by embracing online marketing, creating SEO-friendly sites full of engaging content and creating social media and email campaigns to develop relationships with consumers. But B2B companies have a different audience, and a different approach to sales. Often the infrastructure at B2B businesses is based on that personal relationship between sales reps and the clients whose accounts they service. While most B2B companies have expanded their online presence dramatically, it is still not the main focus of their sales efforts. But according to some startling new stats about the way businesses shop, maybe it should be. A 2014 study done by Acquity Group breaks down the numbers that demonstrate the big changes happening in the B2B market. First of all, B2B buyers are beginning to be strongly influenced by their own consumer purchasing habits. In 2014,…

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