• MZ Weekly News Round-Up: Happy Birthday BASIC, and Matt Cutts on Keeping Your Body Just Right

    SEO: Google’s Matt Cutts lost his body this week to stress the importance of body content to search engines. In a pretty humorous attempt at making a visual point, Matt’s floating head gave an important lesson to be holistic in your approach. While the header is important, if the content there doesn’t match the content in the body of your page, it can confuse Google, and you won’t receive the best. While obvious and often repeated, create unique and quality content for your header and your site. Brand mentions are becoming increasingly important. This was shown again this week when evidence surfaced that the innocent-looking patent Google filed not too long ago may hold algorithm information and insight into the Panda algorithm. This patent defines non-linking as “implied links.” This is definitely a development worth following, especially for marketers. Social Media: Snapchat has updated their app and now users have the option to keep messages, videos and pictures longer than a few seconds which could be considered a “chat tool.” Another addition to the popular app is the live streaming option that works as long as a finger is kept on the screen. Snapchat has retained the feature that erases…

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  • 6 Apps That Can Help Small Businesses Compete Against the Big(ger) Guys

    Guest post by Jim Belosic, CEO of ShortStack One of the most awesome things about being a small business owner today is the number of apps that are available to help make running a business so much easier than it was just a few years ago. It used to be really difficult for many small businesses to compete, especially in the online space. Back in the day, circa 2008 or so, if you wanted a cool website, you’d have to shell out thousands of dollars to hire a designer/programmer. An e-commerce site could cost six figures! Then you’d need a bookkeeper, a point-of-sale provider, an attorney, and the list goes on. Not any more. Today you can build a website for free using WordPress, you can get an LLC set up for a couple hundred bucks with LegalZoom and you can use QuickBooks for bookkeeping. If you have a good idea, and use the right tools, your chances of success are so much greater. My philosophy is that if someone has built an app that is going to make it easier for me to run my business, I’m going to use theirs rather than build my own. I don’t host…

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  • 50 Ways to Serve up Hot Juicy Content

    By: Shama Content marketing is an essential part of online marketing (and marketing in general) these days. If you have any information that helps educate your prospects and clients, chances are you are already engaging in content marketing. Once you have crafted your message, how do you get it out there? Top 50 Ways to Do Content Marketing As I was brainstorming for a client, I came up with the list below – 1. Webinar 2. Teleseminar 3. Video 4. Blog Post 5. eZine Article 6. Print Article 7. Tweets 8. Facebook Posts 9. Email 10. Printed Book 11. Kindle Book 12. Mobile App 13. IPAD App 14. Website 15. Interviews 16. Guest Post 17. Press Release 18. LinkedIn Answers 19. Facebook Fan Page 20. Calculators 21. Charts 22. Polls 23. Editorials 24. Graders 25. Quizzes 26. Powerpoint 27. Skype 28. Squidoo Lens 29. RSS Feed 30. Facebook Group 31. White Paper 32. Status Updates 33. Text Messages 34. Auto Responders 35. Banner Ads 36. Podcasts 37. Radio 38. Television 39. Toolbars 40. Brochures 41. CDs 42. DVDs 43. USB Drives with Pre-Loaded Information 44. Flickr (A Collage of Information) 45. Online Glossary 46. Decoder 47. Packaging (Ever seen a…

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