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  • Shama TV: 12 Business Trends for 2016

    As 2015 comes to an end and we welcome the new year, our CEO, Shama Hyder, shares 12 digital marketing trends for 2016. Watch out for these trends in 2016 and plan your strategies accordingly. View the video and transcript below. Happy New Year! Transcript: The first trend is 2016 will be a year all about the customer journey. More and more businesses are realizing that it’s not just important to put social media into marketing’s basket or put it in corporate communication, you really have to look at the whole customer journey, how does someone go from a stranger to getting to know about your business to actually turning into a customer or client – what does that journey look like? And to that end, where does marketing fit in at each point in that decision making process? So look for businesses, smart businesses, to really revive and pay close attention to the customer journey overall and create key points of interaction, where they can really serve the customer or the prospect and helping them make that transition into a buyer. So caching, there’s my first trend for you. Today’s trend two of 12 is: the rise of influencer…

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  • 12 Days of Christmas Day 7: The Rise of Manufacturing as a Service

    Day 7 of our 12 Day Campaign of Christmas is here! That means our CEO, Shama Hyder, is sharing her seventh big digital marketing trend for 2016. Trend number seven is the rise of manufacturing as a service. Learn more about this in the video below and scroll down for transcript. And make sure to subscribe to Shama TV on YouTube to win some awesome prizes daily and increase your chances of winning the grand prize – Amazon HD Fire Tablet. Transcript: Hey Zen Nation! It’s Day 7 of our 12 Day campaign of Christmas, where every day I share with you a future trend for 2016 and you get a chance to win some awesome prizes. Every day we give away a $25 gift card for Amazon and the grand prize, an Amazon HD Fire Tablet. So exciting times. Here is my trend number 7 for you: Look for manufacturing as a service to be on the rise. What does that mean? Well, we’ve all heard about 3D printing but if I ask most of you, where can you go to get something 3D printed or what kind of things you really want 3D printed? The answer is, you might…

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