Tackle Your People Issues in 2008-Guest Post

By: Jay Hargis

People Problems?

January is always a time of reflection and resolve.  Every year we pause and we plan and we always make resolutions—some spoken and some silent.  What will 2008 hold for you and for your business?  If you are like most people, you’re hoping that 2008 will bring you increased revenue, entrée into new markets, and the “deal of a lifetime”.  As you put together your marketing plan I’d also encourage you to put together a solid people plan.

People plan?

What are you doing about people planning in 2008?  If you are going to meet your goals and objectives, do you have the right people on the proverbial bus?  In today’s hypercompetitive business world, having the right people in place is the key to achieving your sales goals and the right people include everyone in your company.  If you are struggling with sales I’ll bet that you are also struggling in other areas.  No two parts of the organization work in a vacuum—everything is interrelated.  So, you must have the right people in all of your positions.

How do I find/hire/coach the right people?

Let’s start by asking three fundamental questions:

1.       Who is doing what and who is doing it really well?

2.       What kinds of people do we need in place in order to get to our 2008 goals?

3.       What are our gaps?

I’m a big fan of information and I specialize in employee assessments.  I think that they are the critical missing piece in most people plans.  By using job matching technology, we can assure that we put the right people in the right jobs.  Imagine going to work and knowing that all of your employees actually “fit” the jobs that they are doing.  Lining up thinking style, behavioral traits, and occupational interests are what turn “average” performers into superior employees.  For new hires, we can benchmark them against our current top performers.  For our incumbents, we can coach them based on specific success factors and traits.   And the best part, this type of assessing is legal, proven, and easy to implement and it doesn’t break the bank.

Let 2008 be your year to get your people plan in order.  You can achieve amazing results when everyone is on the bus and everyone is headed in the right direction—towards success.


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