Startup BizCast Podcast- Marketing During a Recession

By: Shama Hyder

The dynamic Steve Mullen had me over as a guest on his online radio show last week. We talked more in depth about my earlier article on Selling During Stormy Times.

You can check out and download the podcast here. It’s only 10 minutes long. (What’s a Podcast-? A podcast is like a radio series that’s available via the Internet. You can listen to shows online or download them to your computer or mp3 player.)

One of the first things you will notice is that Steve has an amazing voice and manner. He has radio experience and now helps clients of all sizes with their podcasting needs. If you have ever wondered if podcasting is for you, visit Steve’s site here.

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  • Steve Mullen

    Dynamic? Wow … you flatter me!

    (Don’t stop!)

    Seriously, thanks so much for taking the time to be interviewed for Startup BizCast. It was a great episode!